March 1 opener

With the March opener being just a few weeks away do any of you know how the ice is on the basin lakes? Does Lenore and the other spots going to be free of ice or are they right now?
Thank you for any info!
There is no ice on Tri Cities ponds and lakes right now. Last week the local park pond that is used for kids fishing was iced over entirely but it cleared up early this week. As far as Lenice? not sure but would not expect it to be iced over by March 1 unless the weather changes abruptly.


You been laying low. You going to try for the opener?

I've been getting my butt kicked on the steelhead fishing this year. Not much to talk about there. Hope to hit the first weekend but depends on my daughter's volleyball schedule. She has tournaments most weekends in March, but some are only one day tournaments.
Tying up a lot of lake flies now though.


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Just have to give you a bad time. The family stuff is much more important, and is finite - enjoy it while you can. Mine are older now and I do miss(?) those days.

We'll see each other, hopefully this year.

I do like the Walker bay.

On Friday I drove out to Spokane on 90 and made my way back on Hwy 2 -> 17 past sun lakes area and Ephrata. Moses and Sprague are frozen and there were several ice fishers on Sprague. The south end of Banks is frozen. I didn't stop to see Dry Falls. Park Lake is frozen. Parts of Blue lake and Lenore were open. Soap lake was wide open. Hope this helps.

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The shallow end of Beda was open. That's less than 1000' elevation. Leniece and Nunnally are a bit lower. I was in the area chasing the wily coyote today. Most of the seep lakes were frozen. I checked out Warden and the Sage Lakes.
Nunnally was ice free sat. 2/9.
Normally for the opener Lenore has quite a bit of open water on the north end, south end and portion of midlake usually has some ice. Depends on the weather and winds, nights have been and are forecast in the mid 20's but low 40's in the daytime so should be fishable. Dry Falls is froze solid but an Apr. 1 opener so it will be good to go.

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
No ice on the Nunnally chain. Lakes not even close to beingn ice free: Lenore, Quiny & Burke.

As of what date for the checking?

Just want to know as I looked at one lake in the morning and it had ice and the next day it was ice free. Couldn't believe it. The lake I looked at was not one you mentioned. I don't think it had a name.

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