First ink wash

I have not drawn in 35-40 years and had this project in art class. We had to pick a female artist off of a list, I chosr Georgia O' keefe only because I have heard of her but, really did not know anything about her or her work. I think I have done a fairly good job considering the amount of years since I have drawn and have never done any type of painting, ink or other medium. I did notice that my drawing does have her head tilted more than the picture but, if that is the only problem other than her face being a little wider than the photo, I've done pretty good I think. I don't think this is exactly what a ink wash is supposed to look like but, it is my first attempt. The first picture is of the subject off a picture I found of her on the internet through Google Images. The second picture is the sketch as it appeared before layering on the ink, and the third is the ink in progress. I hope you enjoy and maybe throw some constructive critisism my way.


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