NFR Bumper sticker: a favorite or, better yet, one you would invent


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Bumper stickers, it seems, are an art form and a distinct means of self-expression. In my experience, almost everybody has a favorite or two even if they would never actually affix a sticker to their vehicle (I wouldn't, but I have also known people who have nigh on 20 stickers on their car).

Some are fishing related such as this simplistic example: "I fish, therefore I am." Others are kinda clever like: "Visualize Whirled Peas."

I don't particularly know why, but I've had a couple of slogans kicking around that might make good bumper stickers. I think they're original, but maybe not:

"Prey for me; I don't hunt"

"What's a Gluten?"

But, I'm not especially talented. What do you all got?



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