Best poloroid glasses?

I'm partial to this one:

On a less smartalecky note, there was a recent discussion on polarized lenses not too long ago that had some great info. The initial question was about Smith glasses in particular, but there was a lot of great info about different brands as well as lens colors in there too.

Polarized glasses


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The cheap-ass, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging way.

I have just been looking at some new shades for fishing and it seems Oakley has the most frame choices although geared a little more toward the younger age group they have a great collection.

I did the ever so degrading thing of going to costco glasses department and looking around after pricing Oakley - smiths - maui jims and a few other top name brands in sun glass stores- the prices were shocking to say the least! It seemed every frame I liked with polarized lenses were over $200, heck I can buy the new hardy light weight large arbor DD reel for $225.

Costco had ducks unlimited brand with half camo ear pieces and the rest of the frame gloss black. I tested other color lenses but have always used a lighter tint for spotting fish. the darker black and grey lenses take to much color out of your vision and makes it tough to see deep into water! the ducks unlimited were bronze color (in the 80's I mostly spot and stalked steelhead fishing. amber was my favorite color for fish spotting) now they seem to have gone away from amber and gone to bronze and even gold. A lot of the top end "fishing specific glasses" are going with a dark blue polarized lens, or even a ice blue! the ducks unlimited glasses I got were only $38 dollars for polarized bronze lenses and wrap around type frames that were actually quite clear, some of the money went to ducks unlimited also!

Now I wanted a pair of nice Oakley glasses also so went the Ebay way. just bought a pair of discontinued jury framed- ice blue lenses for $69 they are still in the mail from ordering sat. and cant wait to see how the light blue lenses work seeing through water. they had a lot of black polarized or dark grey polarized lenses in good frames but they just take out to much color for me. heck I even looked at vaurnet which I wore in the 80's with amber lenses and they started at around $300. the chromic fading light lenses are a ton of money, wish I could afford them! If you want to look at glasses and frames and tints just go to ebay and pull up polarized sun glasses and what ever kind you want and you can see the prices and discounts and close up pictures. it really helped me to find prices and frame choices.

"WARNING" you have to watch out for "FAKES" when buying second hand or online. also, a few companies are selling custom lenses that fit most frame models in different shades and colors. I have to check into these to see how good they are compared to the name brand lenses. polarization gives a little distortion so the Oakleys I bought were not polarized and for around town and driving, while the cheaper model ducks unlimited are for fishing. but for $110 I have two pairs now and am looking at custom polarized lenses for the expensive Oakley frames! hope that helps!


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WOW both those sites are great. the H30 "FISHING PACKAGE" comes with three lenses at a reasonable price. both are affordable - thanks for the links. when I walked in the sun glass stores I figured $140 would be tops for buying a good pair. couldn't even come close to the popular name brand glasses I wanted, and both these models are a little more toned down for this old guy in his 50's as far as style.

Maybe I'll let my dog wear the ducks unlimited ones and get a pair of these.
Costa Del Mar!!! look them up, they are the only glasses i will ever use for fishing! I use the Brine 580 glass lenses, a little pricey at 230 but they don't scratch they also sell plastic lenses for a better price! good luck


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My favorite polarized glasses so far have been Sunclouds. They're made by Smith, and come at a very reasonable price. I think most lenses are plastic, but I had a pair that lasted two years before I set a bucket of tools on them. They were very scratch resistant.

I prefer copper lenses, anything with a yellowish tint will help contrasts pop out under lower light conditions. Brown lenses are usually what I wear, if I have them, when the sun is high.

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I have had several brands of polarized glasses but I like Maui Jim! Their glass lenses are the best I have tried, and I prefer them over the Smith polarchromatic glasses I have.

Last year in Maui I was looking at the MJ shop and found a pair I liked, but at $285 I decided not to buy them. They turned up at Costco last summer for something like $75. I called mj to ask about it and the employee explained that they sometimes sell to Costco, in bulk @ rock bottom price, before the discontinue a color or frame style.

Worth keeping an eye out for them!


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Like Jeff D. I really like Maui Jim. I prefer the Volcano wrap around and get them at discount sunglass websites like ZBestGlasses. I've got 3 sets to vary lens colors to adapt to light conditions and can usually find them for 150 to 160 bucks.

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