Scadden Assault XX - On it's way!!

I just spoke with Dave today and my new boat will ship tomorrow! I went with the olive green model, just in case I ever decide to use this for setting decoys and chasing wounded ducks. Duck hunting happens for me about once every five years, this is primarily a fishing access tool for me. I also upgraded to the LiteSpeed oars, hopefully that was a worthwhile addition. The standard oars just seem a little too flimsy to me, although I know plenty of people run them without issue.

I'm new to rowing, but have many guided and buddy trips under my belt as passenger on drift boats. I understand the basic principles of navigating running water, but surely will have a learning curve. I'll run some mellow sections before I take on any graduate level water. I'm all for wearing a life jacket 100% of the time when floating in a small craft like this. Anyone with a preference for a good life jacket that allows great freedom of motion for rowing a small inflatable like this, please chime in with your favorites or any that should be avoided. I'm 6' 205lbs, and sitting in the boat at the Puyallup show it seemed comfortable for my size.

I'll be getting to know the boat over the remainder of the winter steelhead season here in WA. If anyone has this boat and has any tips, tricks, setup advice, or general inprovements that they would like to share, I am all ears. I like the concept of the glue on scotty mounts, and plan to add at least one of those. Not really sure if I am going to need an anchor, as I don't really plan to fish from the boat (I'm a get out and cast/step kind of guy). I've read most everything I could find that has been posted previously, so please don't flame on me to do a search of previous posts. I'm pretty excited about the opportunities that this boat will present to me, and just looking for other owners opinions. I am also aware of some of the negative posts about customer service with NFO. So far, my experience has been very good. Unfortunately people rarely post about good expereinces, and tend to only want an audience for venting about the negative expereinces. I am also aware of the competitors boats in this genre, so hopefully I don't get back a bunch of "you should have bought a ..." responses. 99% of my trips will be solo, and this looks to be plenty of boat for the OP rivers I like to fish, especially with just myself on board.

I will give my feedback as well as I get some mileage on this boat. It will be a couple of weeks before I get the boat wet. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments about this boat/accessories/upgrades etc.


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Great products. Sometimes you might wait for service. I have two scadden boats and like the designs and quality. Enjoy.
I have the single man assault and absolutely love it. I also got the upgraded oars and they are amazing the boat moves effortlessly and very maneuverable I added 2 glue on Scotty mounts 1 In front of me to the right and 1 behind me to the left. I cast with my right hand so this works best for me as I am not in danger of catching my other rod. I also have the Scotty strap on anchor mount. I have the scadden motor mount as well as a fish finder for Stillwater which all come off for flowing water. The flip fins are a great addition, I use them while floating rivers and you can control the boat with them and continue to fish except in fairly technical sections.

On a side not as far as customer service goes my whole experience has been nothing short of great. I ordered directly from Dave and had my complete order at my door in Canada within a month.

The only problem I have had is with the upgraded Eva seat that I ordered with the boat. The seat has plastic stays that are designed to give it rigidity but the keep tearing through the stitching and popping out the top of the seat.
I went to the fly fishing expo in Calgary and there was a rep from scadden there (not Dave) I mentioned I was having issues with my seat and he basically told me what was wrong and asked for my email and address and shipped me a replacement seat at no cost not even for the shipping.
I just received a call from Derek at NFO who was packing up my boat. He asked if I was planning mostly whitewater or still water activites. I told him rivers, almost exclusively. He recommended I go with the Powerstroke oars instead of the Litespeed. Since this is the guy who also deals with returns and broken gear, I took his advice. I think these oars are essentially identical to Sawyer SST's, only with a wierd tie died pattern on the blades. I did see these at the show, and they looked way beefier than the Litespeeds or the standard aluminum. He talked me into it, although he did tell me he didn't have any to ship me today. He was expecting a load of them any day. I guess I am now officially "waiting" for service, but given my fishing schedule I have time right now to wait. The boat will come with the standard oars for now so I can play around.


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You'll love the Assault XX. I'd wait before buying any rod holders. I now have a complete set of Scotty Triple Rod holders that just don't have a good place on the boat.

It's long enough that laying the rod down works just fine. I could probably see a single rod holder. Let me know how it works out for you!
If you get the power stroke tye-dye ones could you let me know please? I heard NFO was swapping oar manufactures and I am looking to find out. Any info would be a great help, thanks in advance.
I was told the oars would be the tye-dye ones. The guy at NFO even told me that the person who builds these oars complains about getting headaches from looking at those blades. I'm planning to paint mine, I'm not a fan of the floral tye dye. You can also buy these oars directly from Sawyer, but only in camo or black blades.
Well, I'm still waiting for my oars. I called and was told that they really had no idea when the next shipment might arrive. On a brighter note, I took the XX out to the OP for the weekend to make sure it floats. Yup, it floats. I am actually very impressed with the boat. I spoke with an older gentleman that was floating the same ditch as I was, and he was in the single person version of the Assault. He couldn't say enough good things about the boat. For the record, the standard oars do the job despite how flimsy and cheap they look. I think they would benfit form slightly larger blades, but regardless they get the job done. I ran the boat without the storage/front seat installed. I noticed that the boat is not well balanced with the bow empty. Not really noticable on the water, but it makes picking it up and carrying with the handles almost impossible.

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