NFR What if you owned the cruise line??

Rob Allen

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So your cruise liners engine catches fire and is stranded with all hands aboard.. I am sorry but being stuck at see for several days with a lack of food water and restrooms does not cut it with me. It makes me wonder what are the owners/managers thinking???

If it was my cruise line I would do ANYTHING including canceling the next cruise to get another ship out there to get those people off the disables vessel and on their way home in style and comfort with my sincerest apologies.. towing them to Mobile in substandard conditions??? sorry wouldn't happen on my watch...

What would you do?

Sorry about the typo in the title.. how do you edit that?


Joe Streamer
I was thinking the same thing Rob. It's such bad PR, and the images will live on in Google and Bing searches for "Carnival cruise" forever.

And Bob, I'm with you on cruises. I have never been on one and cannot imagine ever doing it. I like to have lebensraum.

Alex MacDonald

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Sorry guys, that's not realistic. This was an emergency at sea, no longer a cruise. There's no such things as "substandard conditions" when this happens. The passengers had sufficient water & food so that nobody was forced to eat another passenger, nor drink urine. It's also not possible to offload passengers to another ship at sea. You can't raft them together, and if anybody slips and falls between the hulls, guess what? They're jam. When the engines went tits up, that was the end of the cruise, period. There's no way to helo out the parts needed to repair a catastrophic failure. I also found the news "references" to vague "mechanical problems" to be entertaining bullshit. WHAT problems, eh? I've never been on any vessel that didn't have some issues before we sailed, and that was in the Navy! You're also not going to helo out repair parts in a situation like this, an even Gates doesn't have the scratch to keep another ship idling in port, waiting for the call.

As far as "appalling conditions", let's get real; smelling something stinky, and having the carpet squish from overflowing heads, which can't function because of the loss of power, isn't life-threatening. It's an "ewwwww" moment. My first thought when I read that was "pussies"!

The cruise line could have rethought the issue of reimbursement, but that a different issue.

And before you begin to rake me over the coals for not knowing my butt from a hot rock here, I've served two tours in the Navy (Naval Special Warfare), been on everything that floats. I've also been a blue-water sailor since I was 12, and more than once been hove-to riding out a storm in both the Atlantic, and the Pacific. My creds here are NOT shallow, and have a pretty good grasp of what should constitute "appalling". These weren't.


Think I'll stick to flyfishing vacations and pass on the cruise ships. They seem to have a lot of problems that I don't equate to a happy vacation. I'll take YNP over Carnival any day. Laying around, drinking and eating is not my idea of a good time. Standing in a river or floating around a lake while skywriting with a fly line is my thing.

Ed Call

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I agree with Alex on this one.
As do I.

Unfortunate situation for the unlucky guests and crew. Attempting to modify their mission and offload to another boat would be an extreme last resort effort. Something like that brings a level of risk to the situation that make an uncomfortable luxury cruise inconvenience into a real life and death struggle. The passengers and crew were in no real danger of anything but a really lousy vacation. This is a huge vessel that takes 5-6 hours to deboard once docked securely in a port. A passenger transfer, although an extreme possibility, would have taken much longer. That makes for a very complicated and long operation window. Too much risk.

Sorry you had a bad time guests. This mechanical fire and aftermath was unplanned. Your next trip should be on them...should you gamble that it will fare better.

Rob Allen

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I am sorry Alex If it was my company the people would have been off the boat and on their way home, Possible or not! Even if it made 2013 an unprofitable year.. I seem to recall many a news clip of ww2 where supplies were routinely passed ship to ship in heavy pitching seas at high speeds and still are today... If it were my cruise line I would think that my customers are worth every expense and if the capabilities to move people ship to ship does not exist now it would within 6 months.

This episode tells me that the princess cruise line has a low estimation of the value of their customers. If you have a low estimation of the value of your customers you have a low estimation of the value of your company.


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As I mentioned, I went on one cruise and it was brutal. I think I was on the little ship that couldn't, because we arrived 4-6 hours late to every land destination we hit. That screwed up every activity we had planned, including chartered fishing in the Cayman Islands.
After that experience, I'd just as soon spend my vacation money on land based trips rather then spending so much time on board a ship.
Your mileage may vary.....

Go Fish

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I have been on one cruise. I won it in a contest.
It was a great time with lots of food and sights
to see but I wouldn't do it again (unless it was free).
As Stonefish said "to much time on the ship".


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Neither of the ships to be used, the disabled and the rescue one would be equipped to rig a bosun's chair. Then you have a few thousand wal-mart people to fit into it and get them across the open water.You better have the electric paddles ready to jump start the heart failures.:D As Alex posted a little discomfort but nothing to get in sweat over. Crap in a plastic garbage bag and dump the pee over the side.
As far as "appalling conditions", let's get real; smelling something stinky, and having the carpet squish from overflowing heads, which can't function because of the loss of power, isn't life-threatening. It's an "ewwwww" moment.

My first thought when I read that was "pussies"!
Pampered pussies is more like it Alex.

I thought those cruise ships were built with an engine for each prop? One engine for a ship of that size cripples it? I don't buy it. Something else is going on and it's not being told I believe.