Sandy Spey Clave

I have never been to one of these get together. I have a place to stay near the Sandy this year and was thinking about attending. Having never been do I need to bring gear or is this a sit down watch and listen to the instructors type setting? I don't want to lug equipment around all day unnecessary and sure in the heck don't want to leave it unattended in my truck. Any spey clave veterans have any tips or suggestions? Thanks in advanced-


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Never had a problem with missing gear at the Sandy Clave & I've been to all but one of them. There is just so much of it available to try. Plus everyone there is one of us. Bring your own if you want to fish, or if you want to compare yours to something else.


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+1 to what Jim just posted up. Save for I've missed the last few years. Amazing thing to attend, just amazing. You have '$100,000 worth of gear' to play with. Can you 'buy' anything there? Actually strongly discouraged by Mark. (flyfishusa)

You try, you think, then you pull out your cheque book. And you will ......
I enjoyed the clave last year. I had my own equipment there because I was looking for the right line. But, I also tried out about thirty or forty other rods, talked fishing, watched some good fly tying, and sat in on some good seminars. The food was good for the size of the group and the general atmosphere was reaaly pleasant. I don't see how you can go wrong on something like that. I'm looking forward to this year.


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There is more than a bit of truth in what Jim just posted up. Actually the park doesn't all ow 'Adult Beverages' but turn a blind eye to that at the 'Clave. Just keep 'it' under control.

Jerry Daschofsky

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I need to get the powers that be together (Sandy Clave and WA FFF Conclave) so we can get their two events on different days. Both always fall on the same day weekend, and I always try to be there to represent PHWFF at the FFF Conclave. But would be nice to be able to go to both (since we have a lot of guys in the program who would LOVE to go to the Sandy Clave, but want to help PHW as well so head to Ellensburg). Hmmmmmm, we REALLY need to get them to change weekends for next year. I think it'd benefit BOTH events. Since you have WA people who are featured tyers at the FFF Conclave and vise versa (since I'm sure there are presenters at the Sandy Clave who would benefit at the WA FFF conclave). Just a thought.
Give Mark a call at flyfishusa and ask him about scheduling dates. These are usually set up for the same (as close as possible) to the same weekend yearly.


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Thought I'd bump this back up to the top.

Sandy Spey Clave starts tomorrow. I haven't been for a couple years, so I think I'm gonna' head on down and see what's new.


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