Wenatchee season ?


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Does anyone have an update on how long the Wenatchee may remain open? I read on Red's page that it looked like it may be only a 10 day season. I'll be in Leavenworth Tuesday through Thursday, and I'm trying to decide if I should pack to fish or not. Any update would be much appreciated. In the meantime I keep checking the wdfw page. Thanks.

I believe it closed today... River opened Feb 8th and remained open 10 days till Feb. 17th. I have heard of fish being caught on the Swing and Nymphing. Personally i hit the river for 1 day and fished it both ways and came away skunked. Still a beautiful river with some amazing runs to swing!
I just read a report on the worley bugger's site and they talked with
Travis M . biologist WDFW he told them the Wenatchee R. would remain open until the end of March.
Kelly Michelsen
Goodluck , I will be on the river tomorrow and that will be it for this season, I have rotator cuff surgurey Tuesday, I will have to wait until next fall for my steel addiction.
Kelly Michelsen


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I fished the lower river on Sunday with good results. I landed two within 2 1/2 hours and had a couple more take downs. Fun with the 8 weight!


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Tyeoneon, were you swingin ? What colors or patterns if you might divulge ...
I was using a slow water drift with an indicator. I was trying to get my fly close to the faster moving water, taking in to consideration water temp and the affect it has on a fish and their activity. (The water was cold)! The first fish I caught on a simple egg pattern, weighted to get it as close to the bottom as possible. Surprised the hell out of me when I got the take. I switched to a purple leech pattern with a pink head and got the rest of the takes on that pattern. Barometer was dropping and weather was moving in. I don't know if that had any impact on the fish being more agressive, but I just had a lucky day out there. I fished by Cashmere WA and had a beer at Milepost 111 pub to celebrate. A couple of good steelhead holes around there. Good food at the pub, too! Hope this helps!


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anybody use the leavenworth shuttle service, thinking of a float.
Yeah I used them once. Went off without a hitch and they were where they said they'd be when they said they'd be. There was also a snafu that they worked out on the fly. Unbeknownst to us, our scheduled take out at the Chelan PUD park upstream of the confluence was closed due to the fires or something so they had to take my rig down stream to another take out after I had already left. They left word on my cell phone and I was able to confirm the take out soon after so it all turned out good.

Steve J.

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We've also heard the Wenatchee will likely remain open through March. The info you read was posted on the first day of the opener - which we need to update!
Steve Joyce
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What do you think will fish better the wenatchee, icicle creek or my secret river? I think I am going to head to the secret river just because I can count the backs of all the fish stacked up there...

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