Summer on the Yak

Big E

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So who's getting ready for the Yak? Got rid of the dreariness by taking some vitamin D and spending some time tying ants and hoppers while dreaming of sunshine...

What are you tying up for summer on the Yak?


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nice ties, never thought to put an extra set of legs on my hopper juans. i got a whole box full of big dries, chubbies, juans, fat alberts, skwalas, extended body bullet heads, etc. as well as the basics, pmd's, bwo's, march browns, mahogany dunns, ants, beatles, caddis, etc. though most my time will be spent on different rivers close by.


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purple it is then

I have found that orange and orange seems to be a winning combo on the Yak

I also like to add a little orange so you can see it

looks like a trip to the craft store for some purple foam is in the near future


"Chasing Riseforms"
What's that song?..... "One eye, One Arm, Flying Purple People Eater" ..???

Oh whoops! Got that wrong. It was a "One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater".

Ed Call

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E, how about some uv purple dubbing on the body, tan body and legs. I've fed a few similar ones to the trout!

And yes, I'm ready for the Yakima. Lets not wait until summer though. Skwalla shakes and lightning but time!

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