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A neat alternative to a hackled spider (deer hair's a lot easier for me to come by than quality hackle in the larger sizes, and the butts provide a little additional floatation); simple and quick to tie.

hook - Mustad 94863 #8 (since I'm tying an old fly, might as well use an old hook; think I bought this box in 1973 with my first flyrod, a Fenwick FF756)
thread - UTC 140 tan
body/"hackle" - deer hair

attach thread above hook point

clean, stack a clump of deer hair; measure for length (hook shank)

lay on shank with tips facing forward

2 soft loops, pull firmly and allow hair to spin around shank

wrap thread forward (the greater the separation between the 2 the easier it is to spin the 2nd bunch of deer hair)

clean, stack, measure another clump; repeat tie-in with tips facing towards the rear

spin hair and push the 2 clumps together with fingernails

tie off, half hitch x2, and SHHAN

trim butt ends on either side and you're done

Plan to try this bug here this summer when the craneflies come out to play



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I'm assuming that you would not dead-drift this fly, but let it swing/wake along the surface??


I'll probably do a little of both and see what the fish think; never used one of these before so I'm in uncharted waters here.



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Thanks, Scott. I think I know some cutts that might find that fly skittered across the surface as irresistible.


A dry fly egg pattern, interesting -- too bad it requires the use of deer hair :D

(Member of DHC: Hello, my name is GAT and I'm deer hair challenged.)

To tell you the truth, that is one of the most unique patterns I've seen in a very long time.
A deer hair version of the old spider fly, where dry fly hackles are tied on a hook in the same manner. Very nice, Scott. How would it look with 2 different colors of deer hair? The old hackled spider was often tied with 2 colors of hackle.

I've dead drifted the hackled fly with good results, never tried waking it.

Well done, Scott.
Interesting, I've never seen a fly like that before. However that picture you posted looks an awful lot like Soda Butte Creek in YNP. I could be wrong.......


Well, the photo certainly doesn't look like any I've seen taken in Virginia:) But I've never been there so maybe there's sage brush everywhere!


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that picture you posted looks an awful lot like Soda Butte Creek in YNP. I could be wrong.......
Not quite, but you're only about 5 gallons of gas away.


No reason why you couldn't tie it with different colors of deer hair; that would be interesting. Thanks for your link.


No sage in VA, but we do have kudzu.


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