Thoughts on CZ shotguns?


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I'm going to buy an over under shotgun and I really want to keep it around $1000 bucks. I like the CZ wingshooter and redhead deluxe. I'm primarily going to use to shoot trap for fun and hunt upland. I don't want to get a serious trap gun and I can't get behind dropping $2500 for a Beretta silver pigeon.

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I have 3 CZ shotguns & all of them get used in the field . . . Bobwhites in 20 & 28 and a Hammer Coach in 12. I had to send-in the one I bought used for a sear adjustment . . . CZ stood behind their product & didn't charge me a dime. i have no complaints about CZ products (I bought my Son a SS CZ75 . . . great handgun).


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I have the Mallard in 12g and haven't had any shooting issues. The only thing I could complain about it is on the raised sight rail there is a little bit of flux(i think thats what it is) that seeps out and has to be cleaned, it sort of looks like rust seeping out until you wipe it off.

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Thanks for the feedback. I think I'm going to roll with the wingshooter in 12g with a 28" barrel
When I bought my first one I looked at them for a year trying to decide if they were a POC or seriously underpriced. The DeHaan Huglu was my first one and it was over 10 years ago. Very good shotgun. CZ is made by the same Huglu consortium using same metals, same wood and same NC programming.
I owned a canvasback 20ga 28bbl and it was the perfect dove/quail/skeet gun. The quality is great for the price and i couldnt spend beretta money on a gun i hunted hard with. Spend the extra amount and def, get single trigger, ejectors and ribbed barrell.


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I just bought this used Canvasback 12/26 and have had it out to the trap range a couple times... really like it. I'm no shotgun expert by any means, and like you wanted a decent gun for under $1000. After looking at options, I decided on the CZ. I shopped around for quite awhile looking for one with nice quality wood and finally located it from the Cabela's in SD. This one happened to be on an internet special for $499, but I see them pretty often at $600-$700. Heading to Miller Ranch in a few weeks for a weekend hunt... I'm sure it will do its part, hope I can hold up my part :)
Good luck with the search!
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Cedar, the only caveat I'd have on your intended purchase is what you'll most likely pack the gun for. As you're primarily upland, with the exception of chuckar, I might recommend a 20bore rather than a 12 for no other reason than the weight. No shotgun shoots further than any other, but shot amount can make a difference if people have "fringing" issues. If you're on your bird, you're on. I don't hunt chuckar very much, and as I got older, I felt a lighter gun in smaller bore would be easier to both point and lug, so I went for a 20, then a 28, and finally a .410. Here's something to consider, that it's nice to be able to change chokes, but I find that hunting, it's a complete waste of time. BUT!! Modern scatterguns, while many have the ability to select a barrel by moving the safety, aren't as easy as a double-trigger gun. The only one, to my knowledge is the CZ Bobwhite. I also think screwing around with the safety on a loaded weapon, is just asking for trouble.

The nice thing about a 12 is, if you reload, you can put together low-recoil 20bore loads easily, and shoot the thing all day long.. There's also no hardware or "sporting goods" store in the nation that won't have boxes of 12 either-well, for now, anyway. Upland vests today aren't made to accommodate small shells like 28 or .410, and I find that annoying. I have three or four O/U's , but my favorite among them is a Franchi Renaissance in 20.
Great thread and info everyone. Thanks. I have been considering an o/u for some time now and like most of you, cringe at the thought of having to drop $2 grand on a shotgun. I had seen the CZ line at the local Kmart for the outdoors man (Wholesale Sports) but was not familiar with the brand. They are a nice looking gun and I was told they are very good in the fit and finish category. I have been shooting a left handed model 870 Wingmaster for years, but am thinking I would like to go with a 20 ga. probably in 26" for the rooster hunting I do around here and occasional quail outings.
Anyone have any opinion on the Savage o/u or comparison of the two? The Savage is nice in appearance as well and around the same price point as the CZ.


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Alex, I looked at the 20 but I went with the 12. I got the wingshooter it's a bit lighter than some other 12 gauges. Mine weighs in at just under 7.4 lbs which isn't too bad. It weighs about what my supermag does but it feels a lot lighter. It swings much better too. After shooting some clays with it I'm pretty stoked. I picked it up for $900 which I felt was a pretty good deal.
Rod- I had the Savage O/U and it gave me problems on the 12th shot. From there it was a nightmare and I finally, after talking to the big dogs, was able to exchange it for a Benelli Nova at my local Gander Mtn. I would not recommend the Savage

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