dubbing chironomids!


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Getting ready for the east-side lakes and doing some tying.

Here is a version of my dubbing chiro, last year in April one of the first hatches I ran into over east at an elevation of around 3500 ft. was a tan chiro - large and fat. after catching an adult i saw that the ribbing was a darker brown.

It seems on our east-side lakes in Oregon the fish are not that picky, more of feeding machines in these meat factory regular regulation lakes with trout growing very big and "HEAVY" from all the food sources. most the chiro's I tie are on #10 standard size scud or straight hooks 2x strong. even if the hatch is a #14 these flies "stick out" in hundreds of the naturals so get taken quite regularly. I mostly tie these dubbing chiro's for over east because they can be taken as a traveling caddis or any light colored nymph also right along with it imitating a chironomid. I am also tying chromies and many more slim patterns but these kicked some serious behinds last year.

#10 2x strong
light tan dubbing with brown medium wire
tail is sulky thread silver metallic ( I tie all my chiro's with this small shinny tail now)
medium brown thorax dubbing
tungsten bead - it's hard to find brown beads for some reason - this is a coffee color although it looks silver it's just the lighting.

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Mark, check out the J Stockard web site for brown beads . They sell Plummeting Tungsten beads in a metallic brown. I have been tying with them and like that they aren't as flashy as gold or silver but still have some lustre and get the flys down really quick.

Where does that sulky thread come from?



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Last year I was tying these with a dark olive (Montana lucent) tungsten beads - like you mention very heavy beads! the sulky thread comes from craft stores like Jo Annes. very thin, you have to double and triple it than tie off in the middle and fold back for all the strands. It
sparkles and shines very nice and is so thin does not bother your taper at the bottom of the fly - great stuff! comes in all kinds of colors but I use the silver metallic. they also have it in metallic red and in a wide range of colors. you can double it to wrap midge bodies also just takes forever to cover a hook but for #18 or smaller can be wroth the time for a body. I also use it for gills on top of chironomids.

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The pictures do not do the sulky thread justice! The thread has a clear (but colored) base and very shinny. I use it to catch fishes eyes and take attention away from the hook at the bottom of the fly - at least that's my theory and I'm sticking with it because it works for me :D


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Jo Annes fabric or any large fabric stores - sewing stores!

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When doing half-n-half maroon and red. great for the bodies. I always thought it said "silver" but it says - sulky "sliver" metallic - Hmmm learn something new everyday I guess!


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Derek, you can now give me back that sulky thread I gave you!;) And get those chromies done - were running out of time. :D If your lucky I might give you "ONE" dubbing chiro - good luck after that only one gets tore to shreds :p J/K he's tying mostly his own this year. great tier for a newbie!


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So do I blue! but i'm partly color blind so I call it maroon ;) your ties are amazing. They make me want to come to Utah and splash you with my oars while trying to out fish you!!!:p
Awwww, Geeze folks. Now you got my saps running and I am lusting for some warm weather and moderately deep lakes.

Some great looking flies and colors. Thanks for sharing with us.
Yeah , well I'm almost to the point of grabbing the steelhead rod and a glob of eggs ! Haven't touched a fish with the fly rod in three trips! Man I suck at this. You better hurry and get over here Mark , or the bait caster is coming back out !!!

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