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Simplified version of Ed Shenk's pattern; the twisted marabou body is a lot quicker to tie than spun/clipped rabbit hair and still makes for a meaty profile. Change colors to suit your needs.

hook - Mustad 79580 #6
thread - UTC 140 brown olive
underbody - lead-free wire .030
tail - marabou blood olive
body - butt ends of marabou, wrapped
pectoral fins - deer hair tips
head - deer hair clipped

mash barb, wrap rear 2/3 of shank with lead-free wire

start thread and over-tie lead wraps; tie in marabou blood feather (shank length)

twist marabou butts

and wrap forward to cover lead wraps

clean and stack a CLUMP of deer hair

measure for length (tips extending to bend)

2 soft loops and pull firmly

release the hair and let it spin around shank; add another wrap or two, pack it back (I use my fingers) and move thread forward

clean another clump, trim tips (no need to stack), tie in and spin

if you have more room, add another clump, then tie off and apply Sally with gusto

flip fly over on it's back, lay razor blade on hook eye for reference

push blade straight back

flip fly back over and repeat razor cut, this time with the blade sloping up at a slight angle

shape the head, leaving some fibers on each side for the fins; flat from the side

fat from the top

the seamy underbelly

finished fly


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