New Switch Rod, Now What Do I Need - Help?


Glad you got the reel and are pleased with it. Again, thank you for your service, a big thanks to all the men and women on this board who served.

I may be down your way later this month for a job, will certainly drop you a line if time can be arranged to get out on the water. Take care.

If you don't want the windcuttrer, I'll trade you the body portion (you can keep the tips) for a 480gr airflow skagit compact I never use--that should be just about right on that rod. I'm in OLY and could let you try it our if you want. I think I might have a 7/8 switch line laying around too if you wanted to try that. Let me know if you're interested.

Give me a call when you have a chance and we can discuss this more, I am not sure what I have , you have etc as I am new to all of this.. I just know there are a awful lot of nice folks on this list..
I will be in Centralia at the Veterans Clinic all day tomorrow , feel free to try me during the day on my cell phone 360 942 7957 If I can't be reached (sometimes signal is bad) then you can contact me Thursday evening at home or on Friday during the day.. call anytime.. home phone 360 934 6400 Ron

Ed Call

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Hey Jarhead, I'm getting to this party of yours late...assess what you've got. Tell me what you need. I'll get 'er done. Thanks for your service. Shoot me a conversation and I'll see what I can come up with. As any good HM will say... Your money is no good here. Send me that assessment message!
This is where I am in setting up a switch rod, I ordered advertised "new condition" Redington switch rod 8 wt. from a lady in Florida, it has not arrived yet. She is a member on the FF pages and had it for sale.

I was given a 9-10 used Allen Reel that I believe will work great for that rod.

So that is where I am at this point, I assume I will need to purchase some line and a Skagit or Scandi Compact 430 grain which is recommended by Redington. I will buy this stuff one thing at a time as I learn what will make for the best and correct setup., doing it correctly the first time is my goal. I turned 57 this week, I was a fly fisher for several years with a one handed rod but as my disease progressed I found it physically and painfully fatiguing to do the false cast after each pass so I had to quit fishing. that was a few years ago and I have not been fishing since which is a shame since I can be fishing in about 5 minutes from my home , not likely I would catch any of the Salmon and Steelhead that are there but just being out of doors does a body good..

Some years ago I had a chance to cast a spey rod and found holding the rod with two hands was far easier and required less false casting etc. So with the popularity of switch rods here in WA. I decided that was probably the best option to help me get back out and fishing. I have no idea how to cast a switch rod but have some videos, there are lots of youtube videos on switch and speech casting and learning hoe to do it gives me a challenge and something to do. I think the most difficult thing right now is understanding what I need to purchase (correct stuff to set up rod right the first time) as far as line and heads and then how to hook it all up setting up a single hand rod, (backing - fly line-tippet) is pretty straight forward, this running line and shooting head stuff is what is confusing for a old jarhead like me. Maybe it is all the medication they have me on, things are not looking so good at present, had a seizure during a neurology test this week, that is a new thing.. I guess my service connected disabilities/diseases are catching up with me but being a Marine Veteran helps me fight the battle.. Let me close by saying how great the WA. folks on this forum are

take care and thank you for the message, Ron

United States Marine Corps, Ret/DAV Semper Fi
Derek is one of the finest folks out there. Derek...if you meet up with Ron, let me know what's missing and I'll see if we can help him out also.

Ron, thank you again for your service!

Ed Call

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Ron, I'm pretty sure I have a 450 skagit switch line at home. I'm out of town this weekend, when I get home and find the line, it's yours. Simple. Lots of great folks here, many helped me...glad to take a turn helping someone new.
Thank you for thanking me!!

Derek contacted me and if everything works out for both of us we are going to meet me at the Cowlitz Hatchery Sunday Afternoon .. I think he is even going to give me some casting advice/help on a switch rod. looking forward to meeting him and also getting out near the river..

All of you, thank you very much and take care,

Thanks again for the great instruction it was just what I wanted to lean and I was confident enough that I went back down to the river, put on a fly and cast/fish the rod for about another 30 minutes..
I did not get any better but just casting was fun... did not get any hits .. darn it

If you can recall, what is the name of that 30lb line you gave me there in the parking lot and do you know a website you can point me to that sells it,, (that was the line you cut off and shared with me 100')

Here is my personal email address, [email protected]
feel free to email me or call anytime you want to head to the Cowlitz

thanks again... many times over


Cell 360-942-7957
Home 360-934-6400 try this number first
PS I was going to send this as a PM but not sure how , typed out z message but could not find the post or send button..
Greetings to all

I have purchased a Redington Prospector Switch Rod in 8wt.
I would greatly appreciate any advice on what to buy next, since I am a disabled vet on a limited income with a family I have to aftermarket parts purchase one thing at a time so I need some good advice on what to buy so I don't buy things that I shouldn't if I can avoid it . Reel-line-heads?

I will be fishing for steelhead/salmon fresh water medium flow and medium size rivers.

I do appreciate your assistance
Hello sorry to disturb you but how much your Redington Prospector Switch Rod in 8wt costs you? I am thinking to purchase one so please help me out

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