Anyone catch one of these, is this your fly, purple starfish, clams? Beach report...

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
That crab is a spider crab IMHO and probably does ok without claws compared to some other crabs (small weak claws anyway and they mostly use camo for self defense). Your "clam" looks to me to be an anemone. Tough to tell apart from just the squirt unless you dig up the shooter to get a good ID.

In Florida the only part of a stone crab that's legal to keep is the claw and there's a huge commercial harvest of them. Rather than tear the claw off which will probably kill the crab you just push the claw as far as it will go and the crab will retract its tendons and sever the claw itself because it thinks the claw has become trapped and is now just a liability to it. The intentionally self severed claw regrows much faster with each moult. Allegedly removing both claws is good for reproduction as the females can't say no to intercourse when they have no claws.. :)
Thanks for the clarification on that. Yes, Red Rocks look a bit stouter/chunkier than the one in the pic. I miscounted. Crabs have four legs in addition to their pinchers. So it looks like its missing both claws and one leg.
Further research indicates that the crab in the pic is a Kelp Crab. They are related to Spider Crabs.
The fly you found looks like a Coho Special originated by local author and fly fisher Dick Stoll. That one looks as though it is a bit larger . Mr. Stoll suggests a stinger hook in size 4 -8.
So does anyone know the name of the large clams found in the Puget Sound I believe? It kind of sounds like "duckie" or something like that. They plant them there and thet grow for 2-3 years before there ready. You find them like you find what we call "steamers" by waiting until low tide and jumping up and down, which makes them squirt. I was close. I just looked it up and it is called a Geoduck clam and here's a link to them. These are the largest damn clams I have ever saw and you only eat the neck, whereas, the steamers we get in Massachusetts up too Maine are small and we eat the whole thing, neckk and belly. That is why they need to be washed and soaked over night.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
And for you "furriners", it's pronounced "gooey-duck" and not "gee-oh-duck"!

Reminds me of a time, years ago, when I was still managing Pt. Defiance Boathouse Marina in Tacoma. My BIL had a new-hire from Cali who was an avid fisherman/hunter but not familiar with the PNW. The BIL sent him down to the marina in order to buy his hunting license and bird stamp for geoducks!!! My staffer who was helping him about bust a gut when this guy asked about hunting geoducks! When told this story, the image that cropped up in my demented mind was of a large "flock" of geoducks (with imagined wings) taking flight in the early morning light! :D:eek::D

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