Warning shots


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I'm interested if see what outher members think about the validity of warning shots in todays economy !!

I'm thinking that with the scarceity & cost of ammo today, one cannot be expected to fire a warning shot. what are the general opinons on this matter???
I never fire a warning shot. I tell them that I'm armed and prepared to shoot, plus I have a CTC Laser which hopefully would be center mass used as a deterent. If those to or three combined deterents don't work then it's two to the chest.
Anyone with any brains would know when there out drawn and would hopefully know to drop the weapon when told. I do not allow a round to leave the barrel of my weapon unless it is used for what it's intended for so, for me there is no warning shot and never has been.

Ed Call

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Warning shots are not authorized. Anything causing the holster to get light is preparing to get a good lead aeration.

David Dalan

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Warning shots are dangerous. Like the other have said, if you are in enough danger that you have to pull it, you need to be ready to put the threat down. Before pulling a gun use words to talk down, deescalate, but don't go popping off rounds in the hope of avoiding killing someone. WAY to dangerous and probably not effective. If you discharge a gun while arguing with me, I'm going to take it as a sign that things are going down hill fast. Hell if we're arguing and you pull a gun, I assume you are going to kill me. To assume otherwise is to invite disaster.

Either way I'll need fresh undies.
If I am forced to defend myself, my family and/or my home, there will be no warning, verbal or otherwise. Even though I carry a 1911 in .45 ACP, I will still put two, center of mass, in each target. That's how I train, that's how I'll act.


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Warning shots are a no-no. An almost universal firearms safety rule is to always be sure of your target and background. Unless there is immediate danger I would submit that any firearm should stay concealed. If you are facing an immediate threat any fire a warning shot the opportunity to neutralize a threat might be gone. An individual with a knife can close 21 feet if 1.5 seconds and land strikes....obviously bullets go even faster. Losing a round to nothing could be the difference between life an death.


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Warning shot? Yeah right. Listen to Uncle Joe "just take that good ole double barrel shotgun out on the deck and fire off both barrels" F***in' idiot! Now you're standing there with an empty gun. :eek: Warning shots just f*** up the house. :D