opening weekend basin lakes reports


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OK I'll start.

Nunnally lake, 11am to 3
Air temp about 55, wind 0-10
Water temp 38 F at the surface mid afternoon
Cloudy all day

Mostly fished w type 5 sinking line and leeches per Tim Lockharts book
No hatches, no swallows, not a single fish sign at the surface other than fish pulled up by fisherman
About 5 others on the lake

First fish for me at 11:30, others were already catching occasionally
Olive leech w red glass bead head
16" fish, rainbow, biggest of the day for me
Gut sample filled w daphnia and nothing else

Catching mostly died out by 1:30
Was never hot, just the occasional hookup for me or anyone else I could see

Lenice today. Water temp 43. On water at 9:30, off at 1:00 due o other obligations. Everybody catching fish it seemed. I had about 10 in a 90 minute period of time with the bobber thing. Also throat sampled a couple and got mostly daphnia. Fish were very healthy and had a couple at 20 inches or so. Maybe 30-40 people on lake, very friendly crowd, having fun. Almost no wind till I was leaving.


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Sorry I missed you. I was not in the Walker bay but my Xtreme pontoon.

The fish are healthy.

There was one car at the west end of Nunnally as I was leaving today and 8 rigs at the second put in. Some had headed down to Bobby. I heard that there were a lot of 12"ers, late plant, and not too many bigger fish.

Damn windy today, didn't envy the trailer hauling crowd.



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Nice day for Lenice. No wind, no car break-ins, good size healthy trout. :) Got to try to get there this year? I wonder what the crowd was at Nunnally? had to go and mention car break-in's...what a lousy feeling I get every time I go there and several other basin lakes these days. When I first started fishing over there in the early 90's we never had any issues...then all the crap started. You look at the shattered glass on the ground right next to where you parked and hope your great day fishing does not end with a $200+ deductible and a noisy, cold ride home ... :mad:


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I fished Lenice on Sunday. Based on people's report from the lot, the first two days were great. They mentioned Nunnally was on fire. Arrived to 20+ mph winds and it did not let up. Fished from 9:30 till noon tucked into the reeds and behind islands. Got one fish stripping a hares ear and one fish under a bobber. Both 16 inches or shorter. Called it at 12:00, loaded everthing (even broke down my pontoon boat) and put it IN the car. Headed to Rocky Ford. Fished from 2:00 till 4:30 - landed 4 and lost a couple. Maybe 4 others on the water. Scuds under an indicator worked for me. One fish actually ate my indicator and then fouled hooked himself - that was funny.
Too much snow on the pass and too much wind past Vantage but I had a blast!
Coming back to Lenice on Friday and Saturday

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