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Like to hear from the forums 5th wheel owners -- what brand/model 5ver and truck do you have and why you chose your combination?

After taking several years looking at options, class A vs. 5ver vs. trailer, we're close to pulling the trigger on a Montana 3150RL. It will be matched up to our 2006 2500 CTD. Really liked the Keystone Cougar (in particular the 327RES), but the 3/4 profiles are just too cramped for my vertical specs. We plan to travel the country near full time for a year or so then use it for regional trips and snowbird travels to the southwest (AZ, NM, TX) during winter.

My Bucks Bronco, Fat Cat and 1/2 dozen rods/reels will be the first items loaded :)
My recommendation is that you join the RV consumers group and do your due diligence before pullin the trigger on a new unit. There are lots of great looking rigs out there that get decent if not great reviews from the various users on the RV forums. That said, do your homework! If my recollection serves me right there is one RV consumer group "five star" rated 5th wheel manufacturer, a handful of four star rated units and that's it. Why no get the best value for your dollar? Also, buy used! Unless you are purchasing a custom built five star rated unit based on your needs buy used. There are great values to be had. With the Internet and patience you will find a great brand at a great value.


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Short of stumbling on a whale of a sale, we'll certainly be buying used. Even a 2-3 year old unit can be had for 20% less than new. We don't plan to live in it year round, so also no plans to get into the very high end market on these $80K on into the $150's...seen a few, they're super nice, but not that nice.

Looks like we have very few 5th wheel owners on WFF...maybe other categories (travel trailer, p/u campers) are a better fit for fishing trips.
You lucky dog !!! Sounds like the smart way to go. My folks got a 27 foot and drove around for a year before they found what would be home. I have another 5 years then we plan on doing the same thing. My buddy at work went to Baja this winter to check on the beach camping gig down there. Guy's are renting beach spaces for dirt. They have like a central bathroom like you'd see at a state park and you have a plastic 55 gal. drum for water that gets filled every week
. Living on the beach fishing and partying with other snow birds !!
I have a 2008 Newmar Kountry Aire - 40' long - and my (limited) towing is done with a 2011 Ford F350 dually 6.4L diesel 4x4. Before the F350, I towed it with a 2008 F450. Newmar doesn't make 5th wheels anymore, but they were known as one of the better ones available on the market when they did make them. However, they are comparatively heavy, so you needed a tow vehicle that was up to the task. (My Kountry Aire has a gross weight rating of 20,000#. I am normally under 18,000# loaded actual though.)

The top rated 5th wheel on the market is made by New Horizon, and other highly rated 5th wheels are made by Excel, Hitchhiker, Mobile Suites, and perhaps a couple other brands.

Montana makes excellent, modestly priced 5th wheels - I'd say they are somewhat middle of the road, as far as price, and luxury, but you get great value for the price. There's a reason why they are the #1 5th wheel sold in the US (qty-wise)! I have a couple friends who have owned multiple Montana brand 5th wheels, one of whom full times in theirs, and they're on about the 4th or 5th Montana that they've owned over the past decade or more.

So, I'd say a Montana would be a very good choice if it is in your price range, size and weight limit. Just make sure to know how much it actually weighs fully loaded for the road, and match your tow vehicle's rated towing weight limits to it. And, don't forget to add the weight of a full tank of fuel, your passengers, 5th wheel hitch etc. to it, and you should be fine. Also, keep in mind that you'll be putting 15-20% of the trailer's weight on the bed of your truck, so you should also make sure that you'll be staying within each axle's rated weight limits on your truck. One of the most important things to keep in mind isn't your truck's ability to tow your trailer, but the ability of your truck's brakes to stop it, safely. There is nothing like a diesel truck for towing, lots of HP, torque and long distance cruising down the highway, etc., but like I said unless you expect to put a lot of miles towing on your truck, as long as your truck is up to the task (you're within all the truck's rated weight limits) either a gas or deisel truck is fine, IMO.

On the subject of RV price and depreciation, a good rule of thumb is that you should expect to receive a 30% +/- discount off MSRP on a brand new one purchased from a dealer, on a reasonaly good deal, and that should increase to 50% off MSRP +/- (original manufacturers sticker price) on one that's 5 years old. Like anything else, however, price on a used one is effected significantly by 3 factors: condition, condition, and condition! So, if you're buying used, take your time to make sure everything works, and I do mean EVERYTHING, or you'll be paying for it dearly in maintenance and repairs. If you aren't knowledgeble yourself, it may pay you to have someone else who is knowledgable about RV's , repar and service, to look the thing over carefully before you make an offer.



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Not sure if you've made any progress on your deal, but we're in a similar boat. I tow a 29' Jayco travel trailer (about 7000 lbs dry and 8k-8500 fully loaded depending on the trip). I found a similar floor plan to what we have and the pin weight was 1750lbs. Most 29 ish foot trailers are in the same range. The payload of a Ram 2500 is only about 2200 lbs depending on options. Unless I can find something a bit lighter, 5th wheel will be a no go for me. I have heard (but not confirmed) that the 2500 has the same axle as a 3500, just needs upgraded springs to be the same.

Regardless, there's no question the CTD powerplant is up to the job, you just technically wouldn't be legal. I'm sure tons of guys get airbags and go for it - especially if the numbers are that close.

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