Early warmwater report

Most of my life i have been unsuccessful with warmwater species any earlier than late april,i lacked knowledge and technique.But last year i researched alot and have looked forward to winter panfish/bass fishing.So i saw the forecast said 63 degrees for today and thought it would a good day to try so i took the short 2 mile trip to a small farm pond on the outskirts of town.I fished drop offs along vegetation/structure and a few coves with shallow water and caught fish in those places mostly and surprisingly i saw fish moving around a bit.The bluegill would bite very lite but i was able to watch my fly line good enough to see most of them.Despite the lite bites and cold water most of the fis fought super hard and put a really good bend in the ol 4wtWith only a foot of visibility,high and cold water i managed 24 bluegill,one bass around a pound,and two fish hooked and lost.I caught a mixed bag of big aggressive bull gills,average gills,and small ones.I usually dont count bluegill numbers but i figured it would be a good idea considering it is still winter.My rig consisted of a floating line,9ft custom leader with 2lb test tippet,and a size 12 possie bugger .It was a good evening out,i was limited on the bank due to high water and less access,so i have plans to go back out tomorrow but in my float tube.

wish i could have got a pic of the bass but he shook the hook as i was going for my camera.



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Maybe i should of hit a lake today instead of the salt! What depth do you think you were hooking up with them at?

Shawn West

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That was a good report. I may try to get out after the Albany show. That possie bugger looks great. Thanks for sharing.


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