Motor for whitewater pram

I just bought an Endure 12 ft whitewater pram and would like some insight into an appropriate-sized outboard motor for fishing lakes such as Georgetown or Hebgen here in Montana. The sticker on the boat says 20 hp max and my friend from whom I bought it used a 15 hp on it. However he likes to go faster than I do. I am thinking that something in the 6 to 9 hp range. Or would an even smaller outboard be sufficient?



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If you go with a 6 or 9.9 you wouldn't have to register it. At least here in WA. I don't know about MT. I think the 9.9 would be a better bet.
Outboard companies use the same engine block for different HP motors. Get the most HP for a given block. For instance If the 9 and the 15 have the same block they're going to be about the same weight.
Thanks for the responses. I have an additional question regarding shaft length. The height of the transom on my 12 foot Endure whitewater pram is 15 inches. As I understand it this height indicates a short shaft motor would be appropriate. The rocker bottom however results in the height from to lowest point on the bottom, which is near the center of the boat, to the top of the transom is 21 inches. Given this do I go with a short shaft or a long shaft?


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