fly fishing silver derby

Hey, I'm tossing my hat in. Hey Ibn, how about a seat in your boat? Hey silvers, watch your ass!

Have to go to Europe the last two weeks in Sept. and Ist week of October (oh poor me) so it would have to during the first two. Anyway we should go when there are some fish regardless.

Bob, the I'll be the guy unrolling those 110ft. casts:rofl


Let me get back to you on that Bob, I'm picking up my new boat today, a new 17' boston whaler montauk 170. Should be a smoooth ride out there :)



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>If you are replying to me consider it done if my son
>does not make it. Chances are he will not come. This
>thread will grow, so it will be easy to keep in touch.
>I'm breaking the boat into silver fishing at Sekiu
>tomorrow. Talk at you guys when I get back

Cool. Thanks Mark.
I would love to participate.. I havn't done anything with this crowd yet, but have been wanting too..

My fishing buddy and I have pontoon boats.. will that work?? How does the salt affect them?

Where is manchester? I live up by Greenlake in Seattle...

Anyway hope you all are not adverse to a new guy showing up?

Guys I am in for a little derby action. Does anyone have room for one more angler on there boat? Looking forward to meeting a few more of you guys. -Nick
It sounds like it would be a fun event to partake in. You can count me in. I have a 14 1/2 ft boat that I'll haul over there. If my fishing buddy cannot go, I will have room for someone else. Looking foreward to meeting some of you folks. Maybe could try the same kind of an event during the week rather than the weekend?
September 18, a saturday how does that sound, from daylight untill weigh in at 3pm at manchester dock, silvers only. how do you guys want to do it, I can talk to the manchester inn to have the weigh in there, thats what they do with the blackmouth derbys, but we would need a permit. I say we just find out before hand whos going, everybody throw in 10$ and winner takes all, how does that sound fellas

catch and release wild sculpins

Matt Burke

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Very cool. I'll put in for vacation on Monday. Is there a handicap if you're beach fishing? Can't wait to see Bob unroll 120 feet.

Matt Burke
You'll have to come to Europe to do it, Matt. Dang, this date falls smack into my trip which is from Sept. 15 to Oct. 7. Oh well, maybe next year.

Bob, the I'd cancell except for the wife getting very upset.:bawling :bawling :bawling

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