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I am hoping to find what I consider to be a perfect rod for backpacking for Native Brookies here where I live. This may be an impossible but, here goes. 4' 4pc. 2wt. w/ black guides/stripper and black thread and reel seat hardware w/ dark insert. I would like the blank to have a satin finish so as not to have a glare. I know this may be impossible but, let's see what we can find. One last thing, it does not have to be expensive componants, as a matter of fact I prefer that it not be as I am most likely to damage it.
Thank you for your time.
Call Dan craft enterprises and discuss your needs with him and then build your rod. He helped my brother with a short rod for the NC mountains.


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I don't think I ever saw a 4 foot fly rod before either. 6 foot is the shortest blank I've seen in a 2 wt. You can have one custom build, or you can build your own. There are some sweet blanks out there.
I built a 6'6" 4 piece 2 wt from a RX6 Forecast Batson blank. Man I dont think I would go smaller than that. It to me is the perfect size backpacking/small stream rod. They are dark blue blanks and are very durable.
No one makes a 4' blank. If you want a purpose built 4' taper you will have to find someone who will custom roll you a blank. These days fiberglass is where you will most likely find someone willing to do that but it's going to be pricey. And I don't even know if a 4' 2wt is mathematically possibly. Can you create a 4' tubular blank that will throw a line of that wt? Maybe in cane...
If you want such a rod for a reasonable price you are going to have to heavily modify an existing blank and even then it's not going to be ideal. And I don't know if it is possible to end up 4 equal length sections in doing that.
I have done some backpacking in earlier days and can't see why a 7' rod would not fill the bill. That means the tube, if you carried it would be 18" long or there abouts. It also seems to me that you can buy a six piece rod from Cabela's in several different weights and lengths. You may want to check into those options before you dump some bucks on something that may not work as well as you imagine.


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If you want that short of a rod, get a 8'6" 4 pc blank and have the rod built out of the top two sections. I built one that way for my son when he was 5 and it turned out great. I would use a heavier blank, like a 4wt as the majority of the flex is at the top half of the rod, so the top two sections of a 4wt should equil about a 2wt when you build it that way.
The reason I want to keep it short when together is because most of the places I go are cluttered with overhangs, Rhodo. and such and wanted something with a nice delicate taper. I do have a number of options here like the top half of a 8'3" Steffen 3/4wt or the top two sections of a Batson RX6 5wt. I really do not want to carry the tube as I will need both hands free to climb and such.
I've done plenty of fishing in rock and bramble steep scramble areas where you need both hands free. A good 6 or 7 foot three or four piece rod fits easily in, or can be strapped on, to a day pack. While it is better to fish with a shorter rod you need some length in an area like that because you can reach spots by dappling.


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March brown has their hidden water series... Convertible from 6'6 to 5'6...7 pieces. They are solid, and though not exactly what you want, may fit the bill, and be a bit more versatile.

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