My First Stillwater Trout Outing

I hit Matoon this morning for my first ever stillwater trout trip. It was warm with almost no wind. I caught two on Mcnasty's winter lake swap fly, a nice woodchuck egg sucking leech. Six fell to my winter lake swap fly, a green crystal leech. I had a good time, but most of those stockers don't have much fight in em.

They all looked like this

wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...
Sometimes the fat trips fight nice, sometimes they're like reeling in a dish rag. The "2.5 per pound" stockers though...your kids will love catching them
Nice work Patrick! It is pretty common to have them swim right at you thinking your boat is cover. Strip like crazy and once they realize you aren't safety is when the fun starts.


Once the water temps start to rise, the planters will put up a better fight. I've caught some trout planters that went completely berserk when hooked... but after the water temps came up.
Fished Matoon again. Trolled my crystal leech around for a while with no luck. A kind soul in a red frameless pontoon suggested a black leech. I switched to that and got into fish soon after. My friend was spin fishing and had good luck with a cast master. We caught about 8-10 between us. The wind picked up right after we found fish, or we we might have got more.

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