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At the request of WA-Fly here is a interesting fly. The combination of a rubber fly tail, marabou and rubber legs give this plenty of movement. The hook rides upside down to keep it weed free. A great pattern for bass and every now and then, the curious trout.

Hook: TMC 5263 #4
Tail: Fish Tail and Marabou
Body: Estaz, Rubber Legs, Schlappen
Eyes: Lead Dumbell

Start by putting your hook in the vise. I have a bunch with eyes already tied and superglued with them on.

Tie in the rubber fish tail to the back of the hook.

Tie in some marabou for the tail. This particular piece was rather scraggly so instead of just tying in on top of the hook, I palmered it several times.

Then tie back over the marabou to lay the fbers back. This is a good way to make a full tail with a substandard piece of bou.

Tie in some estaz. Take one wrap straight away from you and then one wrap at a slight angle to the left. This is called a locking wrap and will hold the material tight. Every forth wrap, pull the estaz tight and put in a locking wrap.

Tie off at the eyes but do not trim off the excess.

Tie in one strand of rubber legs, doubled over, on each side.

Tie in a schlappen feather by the tip, shiny side up.

Wrap the schlappen a couple times up to the back of the eyes.

Wrap the remaining estaz behind the eyes, figure 8 over the eyes and a couple times in front of the eyes. Tie off.

Tie in another rubber leg doubled over on the underside of the hook shank.

Whip finish and trim the rubber legs to your liking.

I'm pretty sure there are a whole mess of lower Yakima smallmouth that would appreciate me learning to tie this. There isn't a much better "go-to" spinfishing lure for smallies than your basic curly tail grub.

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