WFF Snoqualmie Cleanup, BBQ, and Fishing Event Sept 18

I thought there was going to be a Silver Salmon Derby on the 18th. Saltwater or Fresh water. Meet guys from WFF or meet guys from WFF. This is tough.

C Van

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I have another commitment on the 18th but I am working on changing that, so I think that still leaves me as a question mark??


Be the guide...

Well, with the name changes many of you have done, I lost track of who is in and who is out. I guess I'll just take a roll call a few days before the event...

Here's an update on the 'venue':

Our house is officially listed, but even if it sells, I'm 99 percent sure we'll still be there on the 18th. At which point I won't care if you guys trash the place (kidding!). Oh, and if the house isn't sold yet, my agent will be there handing out her cards :)

So the biggest thing to watch now is the weather.

I'll be in touch with some of you in the next week or 2 to start organizing the help - I'm sure I'll need lots of it. Maybe a few of us could meet over a burger and beer and work out the 'plan'?


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is there an address or something so I can mapquest it or something like that?
I don't think I have ever been down that way.


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Hey chadk....

Depending on what time things get started with the event I could help set up. I do know that I have to be heading home by 6:00 pm. I'll be glad to bring my own meat and some chips/dips for everyone else. Maybe everyone can bring pot luck style food. Let me know what happens. And is it for sure on the 18th?

Troutfanatic :)


Be the guide...
We are on for the 18th. If the weather is bad and the rivers blown out, we will probably cancel, or the 'die hards' can meet at rattlesnake lake to at least do a little fishing and do the whole 'meet and greet' thing. Do they have covered areas for cooking\eating?

I'll post my address and directions soon.

Bert Kinghorn

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Event Regrets

Chad, I've held off committing to a volunteer position for the Snoqualmie event because my daughter is close to the end of a difficult pregnacy. They are inducing labor as we speak so my bride and I are away in the morning to be with her.

Sorry I will not make the event or be able to follow through on my commitment to help. Hope you folks have a great time! I'll be thinking of you. Bert


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Chad- Sorry I could make it. I was really trying to pull this one off. But alas, social obligations (baby shower) have gotten the better of me.

Hats off to you for putting this together and especially for the cleanup aspect. Its good to see people taking care of their "home waters".

Hope the turnout was OK in spite of the rain.


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