Trip to idaho...looking for advice.

So I just returned from being away from home for work for the last few months and we just decided to make use of our time share and take a trip over spring break. We did some searching around and short notice the best we could come up with is a stay at StoneRidge resort in Blanchard, ID from Friday March 29th thru Friday April 5th. I have never been here. We picked it because it looks like a cool resort, and seems to offer a great outdoor environment.

So, anyone familiar with this area who can recommended any fishing opportunities I should check out? Any good lakes in the area? What about other local attractions that would be good for family? This is mostly a family trip but I should have some time to fish.

We just planned this so I will be doing more research this week. Just thought I'd throw out a feeler and see if anyone has any suggestions


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I stayed there once for a week in the summer. I would recommend getting a rental house down by the golf course where it's quieter. There was a lot of screaming kids there at the main resort building, but may not be so bad when you're there in April. For the kids there's the pool and activity center, but there's nothing else to do around there. We had a great time at Siverwood amusement park (great rides), but I don't think they are open in April. I didn't fish there, but saw a few promising looking streams and lakes that I'd like to go back and fish someday.


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You could check with Pat at Northwest Outfitters in Coeurdalene or the Big R Fly Shop in
Sandpoint as you'll be located between them. Schweitzer Mountain for skiing if
interested and an indoor water slide in Cd'a.
We used to have a timeshare at Stoneridge. It is a nice place. The pool and activity center is very nice and the rooms are adequate and I did not find them to be noisy.
Nearby fishing is a little tough. I know you like stillwater and Hayden lake is close and can be good for early spiny rays and trout. The North Fork Of the Coeur d'Alene is not far and depending on flows can be very good the end of March, pre run off. The middle of a warmer day can bring the native Westslope to the surface in search of midges, and sometimes Skwala patterns can be effective.
You can have a great family vacation at Stoneridge and find some fishing opportunities as well.
You might check in with Dustin at Big R in Sandpoint (ponderay) and Pat or Mike at Orvis in CDA.
Thanka for all the suggestions! At this point I'm kinda leaning towards bringing my pram and possibly making a couple day trips back into Wa to check out a lake or two. Thinking this would allow me to check out new water but save on out of state license fees. I'm not opposed to driving a decent clip as I realize there may not be anything great right nearby.


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I spent a lot of time in the Pan handle quite a few years ago working. if your above cda and closer to sandpoint there is a lot of skinny water with tons of trout in them, you just need to ask around. another thing to check on would be the rivers dumping into ponderay. If open in April huge rainbows can be had in these rivers. one big river on the other side of the lake from Sandpoint gets migrating bows the size of steelhead. also a smaller river at the north end that is usually not very good and mostly sand in the valley gets huge migrating bows. At the right time of year those rivers dumping into ponderay can be fantastic! the rest of the year they are almost dead. April is the right time of year.

If your willing to drive to the Kootney out of Booners Ferry it has some very nice big river rainbows, just have to know where to find them.

When we were up in the sand point area we would also drive west out of the mountain range into the dryer mountain range side and find some awesome trout rivers that no one fished or knew about. granted this was in the 80's and early 90's. Like mentioned call a head of time and pick some brains. We had a little river on the west side of that mountain range that ran through boulders the size of houses and was just plain full of trout, some to 20 inches. can't even remember the names of the rivers but had some good times up there off the beaten path! Never forget the first cast in that boulder stream, some 3 trout came rushing from the depths to attack my dry fly - smallest one was fastest so he won - darn it!!!