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My wife won't let me touch her bobbins! 'Course, I don't want to....we've been married so long they're now very long bobbins....and no good fer tying flies.


The sewing machine size are Thompson one time they sold those plus spooled thread and floss to fit the bobbins. The thread is flat and very strong so they were ahead of their time. I primarily use them for the floss.

The disc drag are Stonfo, made in Italy and distributed by Hareline. I replaced all but a few of my spring arm type bobbins with the disc drag style. They are sold in two tube lengths. The blue ones are the longer bobbins.

You'll notice that some of the spools look empty... they are not. Sometimes I use clear thread (mono) in different sizes. I was really into using the clear stuff for awhile. It works quite well for Zonkers if you want to hide the rear wraps.
Your small bobbins reminded me of my midge bobbin. Found it. It is a Matarelli and uses a sewing machine bobbin which I "borrowed" from my Mother many years ago. I keep it spooled with, I forget the name exactly, "spider web" or something like that. Almost clear but more white. IMG_1063.jpeg
I will have to try a Stonfo bobbin. Always like different tools.


It's identical to the Thompsons... for all I know, Matarelli either sold them through Thompson or Thompson sold out to Matarelli. Whatever the case, it is the same bobbin. They do indeed use sewing machine spools.

They never really caught on. Probably because sewing machine spools hold much less thread than the conventional size... plus, most tying thread is sold on the larger spools.
I am an a amature bobbin collector but I have accumulated four Nor Bobbins and use a variety of others for silk, wire etc.

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Jeff, I see you are a Nor-Vise/Bobbin fan. What a great design and quality product. I no longer have a Norvise - just wasn't my kind of vise - but I did keep the bobbin. Probably the best auto bobbin out there. Love the ceramic tube.
I have taken to engraving my spools with thread size and color.
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