Puffy Jackets and Flat brimmed hats

John Hicks

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Well, this is what our forum has devolved to? I have read several threads in the past few days, all with the same rant. So what is with the "puffy jacket" and "flat brimmed hat"? It all feels like thinly veiled attacks at young "hip" fishermen. I really don't care what people wear on the river. I remember someone giving me crap several years ago for wearing a backpack instead of a vest. Who cares.

I'm not from Montana, I'm from Yelm, and I wear a puffy jacket from time to time. I don't wear a flat brimmed hat but don't give a shit if you do. The only thing I ask is that whatever you are wearing, do not step in below me. If I'm standing on the side of the river changing out flies, ask if you can fish the run. And if you are rowing down the river don't float right over the run if you can avoid it. You do those things and you can wear a thong with a pink unicorn glued to your beard.

Connor H

Bobbers n Beadz
I think the reason for the hate of the flat brim and puffy jackets is the same as the rock era of the 60's and 70's when parents related this to devil worship... It's totally false, but the stigma that us "whippersnappers" put out may be off-putting to the eddie bauer, tweed-wearing, purist. Fishing is cool, and if you fail to realize that, you are only part of the problem. I'm gonna keep listening to Metal and rap, wear my 59/50's, and outfishing most of the haters... (btw, puff jackets are highly metrosexual, and I refuse to wear one.)

Fish on Ladies,

Connor H
My puffy jacket is probably the most comfortable and versatile item in my entire wardrobe. I don't care what anyone thinks about it, I'm wearing it and thoroughly enjoying it. I never understood why people talk smack about other people's wardrobe. Makes me think those people need to channel an insecurity of their own somewhere and that's where it lands. As for the flat brimmed hat, I don't mind the look, but I like a little bend in the bill for comfort; although that gets in the way of my shades sometimes.


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Everyone knows that throwing a burkheimer with a hardy perfect ($4,500) is much less pretentious than an Echo3 and an Ion ($600).

Jerry Daschofsky

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I know a few guys who wear their issued Puff jackets by Patagonia on a regular basis when fishing with me (well, until the Army wants them back LOL). They're far from metrosexual and FAR from hipsters. But they're all about quality. Plus, I'm not going to be the one to call them metro (I love my life, or shall I say I love living ROFL).

I think it's just plainly different styles clashing. You just don't think of hipsters being outdoorsmen. Just doesn't seem "right". Probably because all the ones I personally know (as in, I'm around on a regular basis) would have a coronary if they had to use anything other then a bathroom to take a leak. Let alone if they had to take a crap. So of course, anyone who looks like that get funneled into that group. It's not the first time in history it happened, won't be the last. Hell, I remember if you wore 501's you were the poor kids when I was in elementary and middle school, by time I got into high school you were "cool" if you were wearing them. Hell, I remember when grunge hit the scene. Having spent time growing up in Montesano, Aberdeen, etc I watched the prices of logging gear go through the roof (couldn't buy my favorite flannels at the Dennis Co at a decent price) after grunge hit the scene. I was automatically labeled in grunge because I had helped my uncle and was wearing similar stuff Nirvana and the likes were wearing. Ummmm, no, I was out cutting down trees for our firewood this year. ;)

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