Puffy Jackets and Flat brimmed hats


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Since this started and was probably directed at me...I've read through most of this and I guess it shouldn't surprise me that most don't get it...It's not what your wearing it's how who's wearing it acts on the river...

I'm not sure if your pissed because it describes your attitude out there and are deflecting it or if you just don't understand?

Age and style have nothing to do with etiquette on a river...Been low holed by young and old...problem is the pretend gangster little rich white boy who comes stomping down to the river and abuses the fish and other fisherman with a complete lack or concern over said etiquette.. Not a clue about anything but his own pretense that because he has a fly or spey rod, he is above everyone else...

That sense of entitlement is what really gets me...Does it surprise me? No I've seen a lot of fucked up parents raise fucked up kids....but if you think your rod or gear gives you some special privilege then you are what you deserve to be....

Sorry, I'll move on...
It is the generalization, G Man, that is what catches in most of our craws. Some of us, and by us I mean Millennials (a group to which I barely belong, as I am the bastard child who falls between Gen X and the Millennials), may represent the appearance of the perpetrators whom you have outed for their unacceptable behavior, but in fact have been in the fly fishing game for a long, long time and know the unwritten codecs of angling, and respect them as law. You said it yourself; you have been lowholed by the young and old alike. I have seen the behavior that you have described from the young and old alike, and I don't see the point in reducing it to a clothing issue. It is bigger than that. The entitlement issue is not one that is strictly tied to the youth in this sport. I have seen a wide age range of individuals whom act in this manor. I am not trying to perpetuate this discussion, nor am I sticking up for any snot nosed brat that you may have run into that wore a certain garment and carried a piss poor attitude. I am simply explaining why some of "us" don't care for the generalization.

*I would like to qualify that, "a long, long time" is with respect to my total number of years on this earth. I am almost thirty, and I have been fly fishing since the age of 8 or so; that is "a long, long time" to me. It may not be, "a long, long time" to you, because you are older. It is all relative.

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sopflyfisher. Can't you spell you. It's not very hard. Just two more letters. Yo. I'm not really the word police but most people here can spell or use the spell checker.


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Is there a sociologist on the board that can comment in a learned fashion about why this thread elicits all this response?

My thoughts exactly!

Does the hat in my avatar qualify as a flat brimmed hat? Do my layers under my rain jacket make it look puffy? Can you clearly see how my tube has a busted zipper for the top of the back pouch?

Or do you see me holding a nice rainbow during early morning on Pass Lake?

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I'd wear a puffy jacket like the other kids, but they only come in "little people" sizes. Just to clarify, if you're under 6'2" and 250#, you are indeed a "little people." :p

I do own a nice down jacket, but it's ass in the rain. So, alas, I am puffless.

Same for the hat, blessed with a 7-7/8 hat size, I find I cannot wear hats made for most mere mortals.

At least they make shoes I can wear.

(Less facetious now...)

I could not care less what you wear on the river. Frankly I wear as little gear as I can get away with. I'm quite frightening when it's over 100 out...can you say Daisy Dukes? I jest. Or do I?

If I ever meet any of you on the river, I've got leader, flies and strong back if you need it. Fishing is too much fun to be spoiled by needless Caste-ing.

Get it? Caste? Oh never mind.

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Looks like someone's glycogen levels are a little low. I'd recommend a bottle or two of

to help ease your crankiness. Or perhaps...

is more your style?

It takes a lot of work to be a complete asshole. I have to work hard at it as it is. I have to work very hard to keep this image up.


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I'd wear a puffy jacket like the other kids, but they only come in "little people" sizes. Just to clarify, if you're under 6'2" and 250#, you are indeed a "little people." :p
Don't know if I agree with the definition of "little people", I'm a shade above 6'2" and a shade below 170. I like to think I'm bigger than most people, it helps my ego ;)