Lolling to build 1st rod

Looking to build first rod for chronomids!! I want to buy a good performing kit in 5wt 9" to 10" fast action. I want to spend around 200 to 300. I am more worried about performance so look of the components isn't a big deal, just durability. I want a rod with punch so medium fast to fast is what I'm after! Any help and suggestions is greatly appreciated!!!!!
Is this your very first build? You can spend what you want but I would start out cheaper. Lots of decent fast action chironomid cannons for way less $$$. I really enjoy using a 8'-9' stiff bamboo rod for chironomid fishing! I also use several different weight graphite rods with a bobber.....


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Take a look at some of the kits that some shops offer. They are a good deal and you know everything will fit together like it is supposed to.
I suggest giving Angler's habitat a call. Great pricing and incredibly helpful. Tell them what you are looking to build and what your price range is and I'm sure they'll come up with something.

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I use an Sage light line rod for chronie fishing so I can cast with a big loop. Saves on leader tangles when using long leaders. A rule of thumb is the faster the rod the tighter the loop.


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For chironomid fishing, you may want to consider a slower rod for bigger loops.
a kit based on a Batson RX6 blank would do the trick and be relatively inexpensive.

Did you get a blank yet? Do you have the stuff to build your rod? I've been building a long time and still use the basic low tech stuff I started with. Pm me if you need help.----Steve

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