Who is excited for Pinks?!?!

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My adult son and I sure want to grab the flyrods and go after them, but we don't have a clue where to go, or how to try for 'em in the salt. Read a lot about it, and it sounds like fun.

Dehlan G

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This and a variation tied w/ pink or orange sparkly chenille for the body worked very well for me two years ago. Quick short strips. Let the fly settle in and sink before stripping back in.

To those who are new to salmon fly fishing off the beach, make sure your double haul is on point. The fish do come in close to shore at times but backcasting room, crowds at the well known beaches, and wind (especially on the North Sound beaches) make fly casting more difficult.

I know I'm excited. Bring em on!
I used a 7 wt. most of the run two years ago but finally switched to an 8 wt. because my arms were really getting tired.:) The fish seem, at least in my opinion, to be getting bigger each run. I have some pics from 2005 that show fish in the 1 - 2 lb. range. In 2011 I was averageing 3- 5 lb. fish.
I am too. Started tying up some flies last month. I'm just hoping this year is better for me that 2011. It was my first go at Pinks in the river and I was blanked. It would have been maddening, but I can't complain when I'm standing in a river. On more than one occasion I watched someone walk up near me, throw the same gear in the river and pull fish within 5 casts.

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