Lamiglas Obsedian Glass 4/5 Question

I have wanted to try a glass rod for a while, and this week made a bit of a spontaneous purchase. I bought a Lamiglas Obsedian fly rod blank E glass 6' 8" 2 pieces tip over butt 4/5.

I got the rod today and while the tip isn't perfectly straight, I can easily wrap it on the straightest axis.

I guess my question is does anyone know anything about this? I clearly understand the length and 4/5wt, and I will probably call Lamiglas tomorrow, but just curious if anyone knew about this model? It is very light and the wiggle test feels great. Not a noodle at all, but does flex very low into the butt section. Honestly feels terrific. Anyone have experience with this rod? Can’t find anything on a google search, other than Obsedian is probably just the name of the color.




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Since nobody bit on this I’ll give it a shot. To start I am not a fiberglass expert. I have a few fiberglass rods and know the basics but you might post on the Fiberglass Flyrodders Forum h and get some expert details on your rod.
I own a 7’6” 2 piece Lamiglass Honey fly rod in 4/5 wt and it is extremely sweet. Some say it’s a bit tip heavy but it’s just a nice smooth rod to fish a 4 wt double taper in small to medium streams. It has a very medium bamboo like action, and I don’t find it tip heavy at all.
I know that Lamiglass made very similar rods (maybe exactly the same rod) in E glass that was tinted black and this sounds like what you have. That said I was able to lawn cast my 7’6” Honey rod side by side to a 7’6” Black E Glass Lami and found the actions to be similar and nice (although different).
As far as the straightness issue goes, to me it doesn’t sound like a problem. I’ve wrapped a few fiberglass blanks and some of these were from highly regarded Makers. Most if not all had a slight offset to the tip that did not line up with the spline. In my mind this this does not pose a problem unless the straightness issue is excessive or goes beyond the tip (for example the butt section is not straight). In most cases the tip offset will magically vanish when you install the guides.
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Hi Mike,

Do you have photos of this blank? I am really curios about this blank. I never heard this length and color from Lamiglas.

I have several Lamiglas and I agree with Ray that they are all wonderful fishing rod. They sells two colors. One is Honey yellow, the other one is Brown. I haven't see this length you have either... The common spec are 6'6; 7'6

Mike Ediger

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Sorry for not replying, to be honest I got busy and kind of forgot about posting this question. I will try and get a picture of the blank later today. I already have the handle and reel seat on, but I will get an up-close of the blank.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.


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Do you need to install a ferrule on that blank? The end of the tip section looks like you do. Unless it inserts into the butt.?.