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Can anyone help with pointing out some trout rivers that one could fly(personal plane) into for a long weekend for fishing in the Northern California Area. A buddy of mine has a plane and has has peaked in interest in fly fishing back in his home territory. I am of course not looking for honey holes just names of water that has moderate access for a moderate fly fishing tandem.



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I have no useful info whatsoever on spots in NorCal, but if you need another (very amateur)pilot flyfisher to come along, I'm your guy!

There's always Mammoth Airport, which is a bit more like Central CA on the East side of the Sierras, but you'd be flying into a place that is heavily frequented by people from the greater LA area, so, not exactly a gem. But if you're interested in that, let me know and I can give you some input. Lots of great trout water in the area.
Fly into Redding and head to the flyshop and ask where to go. they will help you figure out whats best, weather it be Hat creek, Fall river, Mcloud river, pit river, trinity, Klamath, clear creek, upper Sacramento, lower Sacramento. etc... Blue ribbon heaven. good luck and tight lines
I second the Pit River. Beautiful, lot's of fish, not a lot of people. Bring a STRONG wading staff, lots of weighted flies, and lots of split shot. And i'm not kidding about the wading staff
Just for fun, I just did a search: airports - small planes - northern California. Got 5,950,000 replies, starting with a simple map of general and municipal airports. The one at Fall River Mills should be convenient to the Pit and McCloud rivers, Hat Creek, etc.


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One of the reasons to take the advice of norcal51 is that I understand there is a fair amount of private access to water in northern California. The folks at The Fly Shop should be able to help identify these spots so you stay out of trouble.

Norcal51 - am I correct in stating this about private water/access in the area?


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Norcal 51 gave you some very good advice, with that said Redding is at least 30 miles from any of those destinations, Lower Sacramento being the exception. Right now the Lower Sacramento is very easy to wade, around the first of April the flows on the Lower Sac are brought up to 10 to 12 CFS to start the irrigation season and wading becomes much more problematic. Access was mentioned, the only mentioned place that would pose a major problem is Fall River which flows through private land, there are a few access points but you would need either a boat or a guide to have any expectations of success on that river. Probably your best bet would be to narrow it down to a specific location and then more detailed info can be provided.


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Yup Redding airport and the Flyshop. Bring some extra cash though, I hear Moon-Beam is looking to score some additional revenue from out of state, private jet owners :D
Another option would be to head west to Lewiston. I end up around there more frequently than I do east of Redding. Lewiston Lake is packed full of trout, some of them very large. The Trinity River is legendary, and apparently some of the inflow creeks to Trinity Lake fish very well depending on the time of year. Try to send a PM to Robert Engleheart if you are considering this, he's a wealth of knowledge on this area.
Depends a lot on timing, as most places. We're starting to get our run-off and some rivers will be high until it subsides, others (think tailwaters) are at their best very soon. NorCal51's advice is sound, The Fly Shop can give you specifics once you have dates nailed down. There's still some Spring Steel around, lower country lakes will be fishing well very quickly, etc, etc.

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