I don't often jock a vendor... But Sage

During the 2012 chum run I took my cheapo Redington 8 wt. ($99) to fish for chum on a Puget Sound creek. After a dozen or so hook ups, I taco'd my rod on a hook set of a beast of a fish. I probably shouldn't have been fishing for chum with an 8 wt, however it hadn't been a problem for me before. My friend who I was fishing with that day offered to take it to Sage since he lives on Bainbridge Island, less than a mile from their home base, and explain the situation. On the spot they replaced it with the brand new 2013 model, case and all. Just some random dude coming into their business with a broken Sage product that belonged to his friend. No receipt, no warranty information. Easy as pie. If that isn't amazing customer service, I don't know what is.


Joe from PA
That's great. I've had great service too from Sage, but I was also disappointed when I was informed that sage would not honor the original warranty a rod that was stolen and replaced with a used version that didn't have a warranty card. I would have purchased another new, but the rod was discontinued. Seems to me they should allow for the transfer of a warranty in those circumstances as whoever now has my original SLT is very unlikely to send it back into sage under my name. I certainly wouldn't mind if Sage sent a very "insulting" letter back to the person that sends my original SLT back into them: "Dear Sir - our records show indicate this rod was stolen - piss off!".
I took my 14" spey rod back over to the Sage factory last June. The stripping Guides had corroded which is an oddity. While I was there, they took me on a tour of the factory. First, there is one guy who fits the rodes together. That's it and that's all he does. I'm certaing that there are others trainined to do it but that's his only job. Near the end of the tour we came on a section where there was a rack filled with mandrels; the mandrel from every rod model they have ever made. I asked the guide what would happen if I accidently broke my prized 490 LL two piece rod. He didn't even hesitate. He merely said they'd roll me another. It might be of newer graphite. I don't know about that but I can believe whaqt he said. Two weeks later, I got my spey rod back; new guides installed as if they had never been removed; no charge. I've broken one other rod tip and they replaced it when I sent it in, no questions asked. I have about fifteen Sage rods now and will probably never buy another brand merely because of the way they treated me. The service is outstanding. You get what you pay for.


Obviously I'm in the wrong here because I had a poor experience with the great and powerful Sage. My bad. Next time I'll keep my mouth shut.

Alex MacDonald

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Reddington is a Sage product? I wasn't aware of that. Maybe I should take that rod I got from Bill Kiene into them to see what they could do about the guides, if that's actually the issue. The rod's supposed to be a Sage, according to Bill


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Obviously I'm in the wrong here because I had a poor experience with the great and powerful Sage. My bad. Next time I'll keep my mouth shut.
They are a big company and this is a pretty big forum, people are going to have good and bad experiences with the same company. I dont think anybody minds that you share your bad experience and if they do just ignore them or make fun of their puffy jacket.


James Mello

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Obviously I'm in the wrong here because I had a poor experience with the great and powerful Sage. My bad. Next time I'll keep my mouth shut.
No one is saying you are in the wrong. You had a shitty experience, decided with your $$$ to not support company that wronged you. Just because other people had positive experiences shouldn't somehow make you feel wrong.

James Mello

Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
Seems obvious to me. Someone can post a complaint in regards to Cabela's but not Sage. I now understand the rules. Lesson learned.
Lordy.... Folks can, I just didn't understand why you brought it up in my thread of fantastic customer support. Sage *has* it's issues, as does Simms, Patagonia, etc... Folks bitch about them all the time.


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Yes they are, but I don't beleave they will help you if it is custom or a blank. I could be wrong.
I have built several rods using Sage blanks. I have had a couple of ocassions, through my own negligance, where I have broken a tip section. One was on a LL 5wt 4 piece and the other was on a 14' spey rod. In both cases I sent the rod back to Sage and they gave me a new tip section to wrap for a nominal fee. I believe it was around $20.


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