Breaking Wind

I found out today that fish (herring in particular) actually do fart and in the same way we are accustomed to. Some fishes make similar noises with their mouths and teeth but the herring does it the old fashioned way.
It seems that they do it as a means of communication especially at night. It is theorized that this is the way large schools/balls of herring are able to stay together at night. Who'd a thought!
So, next time you are out fishing with your buddy, don't be so quick to point blame when you hear the sound of escaping gas. It may just be a herring!
To be filed in the "for whatever it's worth basket".
The real king of the animal kingdom for "breaking wind" has to be the Manatee. When my son was in grad school in Orlando, a friend who worked at Seaworld gave him a behind the scenes tour. The manatee enclosure at night was always really bad. Maybe there's a reason they are called "sea cows".


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Now that's an interesting bit of information! ;)

Seriously Jack, where did you find this out? First hand experience (I can just picture you with your head in the water waiting for herring farts! :D) or something you read?

If the latter, I'd enjoying reading that article. I always enjoy learning more, especially about fishy things!

You also said: "It seems that they do it as a means of communication especially at night."

Man, after that casserole last night I was communicating very well!!! :eek:
Well, I was wandering around Barnes & Noble (Silverdale) today trying to figure out if it was a bookstore or a toystore when I came across a book "Why Fish Fart". I just had to 'bite" on such a "catchy" title and soon found the basis for the title, a short chapter on herring flatulence. The book was full of all sorts of stuff other than fish stuff. I admit that I exercised some "artistic license" in my initial thread post in that I left out the fact that only the herring hear the sounds.

Jack &#$^@)

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"Why Fish Fart"; now there's a title that belongs in any educated fly fisher's library! Remember when farting cows were thought to be a contributor to global warming a few years ago? Now it's the herring. Couldn't Monty Python's Men who say "ni" work up something with that? "...wiiiiiiiiiiiiith..... a herring fart".

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