Home defense- Shotgun VS AR

David Dalan

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Given the choice, I'm in the SG camp too. Warning an intruder is incredibly dangerous.

So I'm inclined to use a pistol (more maneuverable) as SBS (total length under 24") are not lega in WA. I want to use a biometric safe. I'd rather get shot defending my home then have a little one die because I did not control access to a firearm. BUT I think one of those new fangled (to me) biometric-enabled safes would be the answer. Has anyone used these safes?

Upton O

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It would seem to me the home defense instrument depends on the individual. In times of terror (combat or otherwise) there are three responses: fight, flight or freeze. Military boot camp for Marines, Navy and Army is designed to eliminate flight and freeze from those options. Law enforcement officers go through a similar process. The issue I have is most folks do NOT have the training to actually function in a real self-defense situation, Mr. Biden being one of those, regardless of which weapon they use.

If I'm going to fight I have my preferred instrument, my wife, on the other hand I'm not so sure she would engage deadly force no matter how much training she has. Thus, she has other means. The worst thing is for someone to point a firearm, or knife, at an intruder/attacker and say "If you come any closer..". The perp disarms them and uses the weapon on them.

The most dangerous thing that I know is a politician, I fear them more that the "individual" who might be so stupid as to enter my home when I'm there.


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12 ga., 8 shot, short barreled, pump Mossberg loaded with #4 buck. If you get over the five foot fence, past the two dogs and into the house you're one dumb son of a bitch, 'cause now the owner is going to make burger outa ya. Screw the mess.


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Biden does look like Walter...too funny, about as smart too. Instead of Walters "get yer shit and get out", Biden says "give us your taxes and guns and get out."

Take your shotgun/AR unload it and take it down a hallway, up and down stairs, whatever would simulate a break in. Do the dry run and see how handy it is or isn't. Practice at the range is fine, but in the real environment of your home is more value added. At night the muzzle flash can be blinding, the sound will be deafening any time.

BTW, there's a reason an AR is called a CQB close quarters battle rifle.

Having a dog as an alarm is a great upper hand in the battle, also a great deterrent. But for those that are dogless, you may be caught unaware until the front door is busted in. If you're asleep, that's an issue, if your firearm is in another room and you can't get past the intruder/s, that's an issue.

What I getting at is you have to prepare your mind, your tools, and your family for what you think might happen. Just like fire drills, intruder drills are important. Have a plan, rehearse it, make it work.

Leave the speculation for fly selections...;)