icelandic sheep?


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just won a bunch of icelandic sheep and artic fox hair in a raffle. what can i tie with it? also have one long piece of yellow yak hair. mike w


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ive used icelandic sheep in some streamers as well as artic fox. used fox for nymph's also. icelandic sheep can make some nice clousers/baitfish for the salt. though iv'e never fished lings ive seen some big long icelandic sheep clousers tied for them.


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Whitlock's sheep shad minnows are fun to tie and look very translucent in the water. I find Icelandic sheep is so fine that it tends to foul pretty easily, but it looks great when flowing as designed. I still use the deer hair version as a fun topwater fly in the salt.


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hey rise, what is the name of the flies in the top row called? 2 are grey and white and one is green and white. could you articulate them? mike w


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The top row is Whitlock's floating pattern of the sheep shad minnow, I think he calls it the Waker Sheep as it creates a V-wake when retrieved. It could easily be articulated just by putting the Icelandic sheep portion on the back hook. I'd probably improvise and wrap a large red guinea feather as a skirt on the front hook or just use the flared hair from the head to hide the articulation.

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But, are they cute? We could always pick-out the guys from Washington when they'd come back to MT to fish . . . they'd be in the pasture with the homely sheep . . . I suspected that we had met before, Bill . . .
Icelandic sheep is great for Miyawaki poppers - and there are some great step-by-step instructions available on the forum. Definitely one of my favorite flies to both tie and fish.

If you have white Icelandic sheep you basically have every color. I've had good luck coloring it with waterproof markers, even right on the beach.
those are very nice flies. i would luv to learn to tie the top row. how in the heck do you tie the head and not mingle the white and green, that is cool. i assume it is deer hair. thanks for sharing. mike w


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Yes, those are deer hair, just stacked instead of spun. If you're careful with your thread wraps not to trap any loose ends they'll stay right where you put them.


Weird. I bought some Icelandic Sheep hair a few months ago and this thread reminded me that I have some on hand. I just returned to tying baitfish patterns and I'm using it in place of Craft Fur and I like the hair much better for this style of pattern:



The hair comes into its own when used with a Fish Skull. If it would warm up today (which doesn't seem likely) I'd try this one at the local bass lake.


Added note:

Warning! The Icelandic Sheep hair does not maintain its shape when wet. Unlike other hair fibers, such as deer hair, the fibers cling together when wet. Therefore, the pattern shown above ended up a snaky look'n thing with a Skull head when I fished it. If that is the effect you're after, the Icelandic Sheep hair works as well as marabou. I wouldn't recommend it for exclusive use with a Fish Skull to imitate a baitfish. You'd need to add a synthetic or natural hair that does maintain its shape to use it for a baitfish pattern.

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