Emerald and gold AJ #3

I was looking at some old flies I tied years ago and remembered this one, It's nothing special but a very simple spey fly I thought up and still kind of like it. It uses very inexpensive and easy to find materials. It also uses the Walt Johnson tented type of wings, which isn't as classic as mallard but much easier to tie and is quite unique in it's own way. There is a photo from the top to show how it should look. I'll put the recipe down in case someone wants to play around with it.

Hook: Alec Jackson #3 spey (gold but anything will work)
Thread: UTC 70 white/head black
Body: UNI-strech white for underbody
Tag: Gold oval tinsel
Rib: Gold oval tinsel
Body: Emerald green floss (UNI)
Hackle: Pheasant rump (dyed black) from third turn of tinsel.
Throat: Golden Pheasant red breast feathers
Wings: Golden Pheasant yellow rump feathers

Thanks Eunan, It goes back a few years when I was just getting into Spey's and was just messing around with all the different styles and colors and hadn't seen any patterns using the gold GP rump feathers, so thought they would look cool for wings.
Actually some dark green seal might look good starting at the hackle, I might try that nest time.

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