I need a good corned beef recipe FAST.


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First open up a bottle of Jamisons and put on some Van Morrison and the Chieftons

I did the Alton brown recipe yesterday with a tweak. I boiled for 2 hours with suggested spices. Added juniper berries, a bit of all spice.

Finished off in oven.I had a jar of grain mustard, added a bit of tapatio hot sauce , a little brown sugar and some canola oil. rubbed over boiled brisket and cooked in oven at 375 for another 45 minutes.

Cut up carrots, red potatoes, wedge cut cabbages place in water juices of boiled meat and slow boil for about 20 to 25 minutes. Drain and I added a little butter salt and pepper to taste.

Take out meat from oven. Let cool a bit and slice meat.

Served 10people last night and received many compliments.

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Alton Brown's website has a good recipe on it. That's why I mentioned it. I used that recipe last year. Brown's version also doesn't overcook the cabbage. This year I'm using the "invited out" method.


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I modified Ribka's idea of wet followed by dry cooking. I simmered two piece of corned beef for two hours and then I moved them into a 325o oven for another hour. They turned out very well and I will have corned beef sandwiches for lunch this week - yum.


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I should say, I always crockpot mine. I simply put it in on high, then once it hits near boiling, I turn it down to low and simmer all day. Put mine in the crockpot this morning around 8am, pulled out at 5pm, let it rest then cut it up. Came out perfect. Nice and tender.

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