SBS Bitch Creek nymph (video)


self-important blowhard!!
So I was tying up an emerger for a swap I am doing, and the thorax is woven. I realized I do quite a few different patterns using a variety of weaves and I have a camera, so I thought I would post a few demos of different weaving techniques and some flies you can use them in. First up is the tiger weave, probably the easiest weave to master. It is basically two spirals going in opposite directions around the hook shank.
In the next few days I'll post demos of the hook weave and the granny weave. These are great techniques that are really pretty easy to master, but make you look like way better tier than you actually are (I know this for sure).


Cool! I was wondering how the weave was tied for a Bitch Creek. However, the fact that the camera focused on the background instead of the pattern was distracting... but I got the idea.

BTW: The Bitch Creek (weighted) is an excellent choice of pattern for the smallies in the Umpqua in Oregon.

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