Looking for rod advice

Looking to replace an old Sage 590 LL..

What I want is a 5 wt, 10' 4 piece with the same moderate action as the old LL series. Seems the market is now saturated with fast and ultra fast rods which I dont typically like.

Any ideas?

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Why ask here for advice. After all it is you using it. When ever I buy a new rod this is the last place I want for advice.

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Get the CIRCA and stand 18 inches closer to where you want to fish. The longest LL rod I've seen was a 9 footer. Only way to get a longer one with a light action may be to get a czech nymphing rod.


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My beulah platinum has a very sexy action, its not 10 foot though. The guide has a sexy slow action too.

I haven't casted Circas yet but I bet they are real nice.


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Might a Sage 99 work? It's not exactly fast and gets you close to that 10' mark.
Mike's suggestion of the '99' may be an option. There are rod series that are moderate action, but you will really have trouble finding a 10' 5 weight. The 4 weight '99' with a 5 weight line is really quite a nice moderate action rod.

Kyle Smith

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10' 4wt Scott A4 with Gold wf5f. This setup has changed the way I fish, does everything but tiny dries well. Any other ballsy 10 foot 4 should fit the bill. Check out the Greys xf2 also.

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