These early reports just sound great!


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Now back to reality. I just went outside for an armload of firewood and it is 18 degrees with fresh snow on the ground. I guess the first day of spring means very little up here on the frozen tundra. Hard water for about 60 miles in every direction.


Not all warm water reports are good. I tried a new farm lake yesterday and didn't get a hit of any manner... no gills, no crappie and certainly no bass. I didn't take the water temp because it didn't make any difference. I was fishing anyway but I could tell from my freezing toes that the water temp wasn't exactly toasty.

It's possible that had an effect... or, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I forgot to bring my fish/depth finder so I was fishing blind at a new lake.

So... I'm 0 for 2 this year... I'm not starting out too well.


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So we fished in the Moses Lake area today. My take is conditions are a couple weeks ahead of normal. We didn't land many. Biggest were 6 lbs and 5 lbs. The 6 lbers tail fin was burned up big time!. Both larger fish were fat females. A couple 2+ lbers and we missed at least ten more that were no doubt that was a bite fish. On top of that we had local with 50+ years of fishing that area who landed 5 or 6 and most were over 4 lbs. They were using spinnerbaits and that's pretty much tell the story. If largies are running down a spinner bait the are active. These guys were not slow-rolling those spinnerbaits! I'm not a fan of fishing full moons either so all in all I think you could wack a real hog any time now. Given the weather forecast and today is full moon... in about 6o hours I feel it will be prime time. We fished big heavy jig flies... Jon Luke's design. We did some version of tight line fishing were the fly is so dam heavy you can take up all the slack and it doesn't keep moving so you feel the lightest bite. Generally it was more chomp, chomp than a delicate pick up. Another buddy did ok over on Newman Lake near Spokane today. I was surprised at the weed growth in places for March. So the bottom line here is... if your looking for a hawg better get out there. You have to find warmer water and we fished tight to the tules.. like at the base of them. Lakes that have deep water or a lot of deep water will be colder still so look for lakes are fairly shallow overall. Spinnerbait guys said they have seen water temps as high as 52 degrees already.

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