Hoh River

DSC02825.JPG DSC02826.jpg DSC02831 - Version 2.jpg A few photos I took of the Hoh River in December last year. I didn't post the pictures then because I had misplaced them and just recovered them now. The first two are the Hoh at its source. A "holy" place to be sure.
Photographed from a Super Cub.
PS Photo quality not the greatest. There was a haze and IT WAS COLD. No way I was going to open the window.
PPS I've added a photo from the ground from a different trip.
J DSC02463.JPG

Greg Holt

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Not saying that it takes place in the Hoh watershed, but these photos are self-evident as to the potential effects of careless watershed logging in general.

Beautiful photos, by the way, thanks.

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