Epic day


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Fished with fellow vet Chad Lewis today on a lake up by The Gorge. Took a while to figure the fish out...was one of those maddening days with several hatches going off at once and fish rising all over around us and we couldn't get a fish to bite what we were offering. Got it dialed in though and had a 40 fish day. Olive green size 16 emergers and black soft hackle nymphs fished below a dry fly for an indicator. Even got a couple on the dry.
Nice to meet you Chad, and looking forward to another trip.
Remember...Leftover Salmon...check 'em out!
Great report and glad you got them dialed in. Sometimes it takes a while, sometimes by the time you get it figured out the hatch stops!! :mad:
Chad's a good guy, he was on the Island here with us for a while.

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