Yellowstone NP


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I will be visiting Yellowstone NP the end of August. Please help me out as this is my first time.

What river would you fish?
What type and size dry fly would you use.
Any other suggestions?

Please let me know.

Once again - thanks for your suggestions.

I would go just a bit farther to the Green River which dumps out of Flaming Gorge dam. I have fished both places and for an extra 4 or 5 hours on the road I dont even compare the two.
End of August in Yellowstone I would fish the Lower Gibbon under Gibbon Falls, and the Firehole tribs for Big brown moving up from the Madison. Also, The Lamar river should produce well with Terrestrial Patterns. A friend of mine regularly goes out there the beginning of September and slays em on Slough creek with Bee patterns.

Its not a fair comparison for the madison. I think the Green is the best Tailwater fishery in the US. I landed a 24" 8lb brown on the green along with numerous 20 somethings. Plenty of 10-15 lb fish caught every summer. Take your pick.


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The Green's a great river but stick with Yellowstone. No dams, no rafts, usually fewer fishermen, and nothing but real nature in every direction.

It's been a warm dry summer there from what I have heard so I would be a little leery of the Firehole (which usually turns on as the weather cools). If the weather has been cooling a lot at night then some big boys do go in there as water temps go down. Baetis nymphs and dries can be awesome, but don't ignore hoppers. The meadows around the Firehole are full of them and not many fishermen use them there but they can be outstanding in summer. If you want some fun catch a few hoppers and toss them in the water from one of the bridges and see what happens.

It's tough to beat the Lamar, Gibbon, and Madison in summer flow. All manner of mayfly hatches show up, from PMDs to mahogany duns to Baetis mayflies depending on weather. Certainly caddis and summer stones are around. There's no one pattern that I would recommend.

If you are driving along the yellowstone river take some casts there too. The Yellowstone has more big cutts than any other river in the park; it seems like all of them are 17-18 inches. If you find any structure at all along the bank (rocks, deadfalls, etc.) you usually find a pod of fish. It's s great, brawling river.

However, if I had one day to fish in YNP, it would have to be Slough Creek or one of the other meadow creeks that might be a little less known. Most people fish mayfly patterns there but my preference is beetle or ant patterns (I like the bees idea too). The fish get enoguh looks that fishing a fly that is a little out of the ordinary is a good call. I usually hike to second meadow but first meadow is great if you want to walk a bit less. For fun go climb the rock in the middle of first meadow so that you can see the creek meandering all about you. One time while waiting out a storm on that rock I saw several deer, a wolf, and Mr. Grizzly in the span of about an hour.



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The firehole will probably be to warm along with the Gibbon. AS far as rivers go, I would suggest the madison, lamar and yellowstone. I have always pulled out nice fish from those rivers. Creeks, don't overlook any of the small creeks as some hold rather large fish and can be a blast. Whenever I fish that rivers at that time of the year, I usually stick with a hopper dropper (basic nymphs nothing fancy) combo or ants. Good luck, you will have a blast! :thumb
Firehole will probably be closed because it will be warm.. Gibbon is OK it fishes best in the fall... of course August is still pretty hot... look at the TRIBS to the 'Hole.

The green and madison are totally uncomparable, not just because the madison is a freestone and the green is a tailwater but because of the river structure. From what I know the green is river that favors floaters. The madison is maybe the best river to wade anywhere. It is still a big river but the average depth in most places probably isnt over a foot. The madison will always be my river of choice. And for those big fish conosuiers, the madison has the healthiest population of fish over 20" per mile in almost any freestoner. The green is 15 hours away? I didnt know that. That is doable, i hear its a good winter/early spring fishery.

I beleive the firehole is closed right now and will be until september. I dont know the regs for the tribs though.
Check with the fly shops aat the entrances to the park. See what they are saying. Bud Lilly's shop in West has fishing repots here

The current report for Yellowstone Park

The Firehole temps are peaking around 80 degrees - leave it til Fall - same for the Madison.

The Gardner and lower Yellowstone by Tower are in great shape. Standard attractors will bring fish to the surface.

Lamar and Soda Butte are clear for now -- good PMD, some grey drakes still around, lots of caddis - start fishing the "foam hatch". Slough -- hoppers ants and beetles.

The Yellowstone Green and Gray Drake spinners in the AM -- don't expect to see them everywhere - you need to move around a bit, find the bugs then find the fish.

PMD Sparkle Duns 14-16, X_Caddis Tan, Iris Caddis, CDC Caddis Emergers 14-16, Grand Hopper 10, Para Hoppers 10-14.

The road from Canyon to Fishing Bridge has been topped - very smooth - expect some construction delays while they finish up with shoulder work.

Dunraven Pass will be closed through next season for road construction.

New Fishing Permit Rates this year - $15 for 3 Day, $20 for 7 Day and $35 for the Season. It's the first big jump in 7 or 8 years, but still a bargin. Other change - Pelican Creek is being closed indefinitely due to the high concentration of Tubifex Worms that carry the Whirling Disease parasite. They want to prevent further transmission of the disease and reduce any stress on remaining fish.


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If I am not mistaken, another month or so the HOG browns will start moving out of Hebgen Lake into the Maddy. I am sure there are folks on here that time that down to the finest hours. I have never fished it, but I know it happens every year.


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The browns start to moving into the upper madison from Hebgen in mid October along with the browns from the missouri up the lower madison. Talk about an exciting time to fish the river, I have had days of 8 20+" fish on the lower madison. The browns attack streamers with avengence!:eek
The place to fish in fall is in between hebgan and quake lakes. The browns in quake are bigger on average than the one in hebgan. From what I hear the browns in quake average over 20" and I can vouch thatg the rainbows average 17" as I fished that strecth in spring this year. It was unbeleivably. I hear the lewis has an unbeleibvable fall run as well. I strart fishing for falls runs in oct mostly. Try the ruby for that as well.