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I have some things for you to see.....
the tying materials are jay fairs fully marabou feathers ,two packs of strung marabou black and brown, flashabou, two packs of saddle hackle red and black, roll of medium black chenille only a couple of feet used, black mohair leech dubbing with superfine red rubber legs, a foot of mohair yarn in brown a bag of philoplume from a pheasant (better than marabou much more action), pheasant tail, .25 lead wire

The rod is an old fiberglass rod 8ft 2 pc but it is an amazing rod that cast's fantastic with a 6wt line all the specs have been scraped off but it is an awesome rod for trout fishing in small streams and lakes while shallow chironomid fishing, sounds weird but its true
The reel is the reel that was with the rod when my grandfather gave it to me not much backing capacity with the 6wt line but its a fine reel for trout
The flies are assorted nymphs and leeches mostly mohair leeches a couple poppers for those bass that are everywhere even a really large nutcracker which is an awesome trout streamer, a spool of 5x and 6x tippet, and a small packable vise for when your away from home and need to tie a quick fly
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