Skwalas should be out this weekend.


My name is Mark Oberg
Do you guy's got plans, there should be at least one good day. I'm thinking Sunday, I'm trying to come with a game plan too.


Joe Streamer
I'm not so sure they will be out yet. This weekend's air temperatures in Ellensburg are forecast to be cold. Water temps are likely to stay in the low 40s to high 30s, which is cold for skwalas to emerge. Sunday afternoon might perk things up if it really gets up to 50 degrees as predicted, but if it were me, I'd take a day off work and go midweek.

Weather forecast:

Water temps today barely hit 42:
I turned over about 20 rocks today and found only one nymph. Either they're already hatched or they're just not around.

It's snowing pretty hard right now. My guess is that it'll all melt tomorrow and the river will be out of shape this weekend.

Alex MacDonald

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It was 29 degrees here this morning when her Ladyship left for work, clear cold & a slight north breeze. I've got an archery club shoot this weekend anyway, and since I'm the VP, I can't weasel out of it:(

Steve Call

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Just checked the Northwest River Forecast site and water temps at Umtanum are down below 40. That will really slow any skwala action.


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We got about four inches of snow on the East side of Cle Elum and the West side got double that and more in some places. The outside temp now is 29 and its blowing.

My guess the water temps are down four degrees to the high thirties. I will check at eleven. Let you guys on the west side know.

My sense is the Skwalas and the trout will be down till we see sun and the 50's for a day or two.

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