FS WTB: TFO TiCr X Lefty Kreh Signature Series 9' 8 wt. Fly Rod 4 Piece + cheap 8 WT REEL w/ xtra spool

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Hi guys,

Looking to do a trip to Costa Rica next month and looking for hopefully a cheaper 8 wt rod and reel setup (looking for cheap because of the possibility of loss, theft, etc.).

Wondering if anyone has a TFO TICR X Kreh Signature 9 foot 8 weight that breaks down in 4 pieces ?

Also, looking for a cheap(er) reel with extra spool. Ideally already setup with backing + floating line on one and a sinking tip on the other.

Again, not looking for that really nice $500 reel - looking for something cheap (but not garbage), cosmetically dinged or whatever is fine - something like a ROSS Flystart, etc.

* Also looking for assortment of saltwater flies. Clousers, crab flies, etc. - please let me know what you have...

Thanks for reading!
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