UHMW oar position blocks

Looking to buy and install 1" thick uhmw blocks for my DB. Im looking to add 6-7 oar positions forward.I'm located in the Everett area and was hoping to find a distributor in the area


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Go to tap plastics and buy a piece. Drill a few holes and install. I don't know of a distributed around. I'm sure that 3 rivers marine could order a pice from alumaweld.


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Pretty sure I have some in the garage I can be persuaded to part with. PM me with email info and I will send pics and dimensions when I locate them.
I'm looking for a piece approximately 1" thick X 3" tall X 20" Long. I was hoping to get 7 oar positions out of each block. Called tap plastics and they don't carry anything above 1/2" thick, I'd have to order a full sheet.


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Sent you a PM with these pics but will put it here in case anyone else is wondering about these. Koffler built these for my RMTB a few years back but there wasn't enough seat adjustment to bother with it. These are 9" x 1.75" x 2.25" CIMG1414.JPG . Holes are 3 inches apart. Koffler could fab your 20" blocks I'm sure.
I did a bit of research while out and about today, and did some talking to some fabricators, I found that I need to run two separate blocks with the design of my boat. Its an older 16x54 Willie with the Uni-Rail. Cutting out to much in between the Uni-Rail could significantly weaken the boats rail and create unwanted flex in the boat.

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