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Winter came back last night with a vengeance. It snowed and blowed and it is colder than hell outside. It is 11 degrees out side as I type. Got about an inch, I know it isn't much but with the cold it makes the roads slippery. Thank goodness I don't have to go out in this shit. It's so cold out it looks like it's snowing as the air is freezing and it's the ice crystals falling.

There's a big black cloud coming up from the south. These last few days have been nasty. I thought it was spring. Well Mother Nature pulled the wool over our eyes again. She's probably having a good laugh at this.


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You must have got our stuff that blew through yesterday! Now just oldman up and get out and fish! :cool:

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I never see anybody else out there in this cold weather. And you won't see me out there either. It made it to 23 degrees so far and it is 1 PM.


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Got snow here overnight too. It's up to 25 degrees. It should be in the 50's. Ice is off the lakes but it's too cold to fish.


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I'm in Billings and it's currently 11 degrees with a skiff of snow. Thankfully these systems
are generally short lived this time of year. Just somebody reminding us who is in charge.
We should be back to 50 by Tuesday so stock your fly box or knock something off the
"honeydo" list and be ready.
It was 20* here in the White Mountains of Arizona when I got up this morning but the sun is shining and it is going to be 55* by this afternoon.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Jim, I'm using your call as a contrary indicator, and can now state unequivocally that we have hit a "double bottom" in our winter weather regime, and spring will come roaring back by the first of April.

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He's probably going up over Sherman pass and heading to the Columbia Basin. Maybe you ought to look at a map of Washington and see where it is he's talking about. That's easier than trying to explain it to somebody out of State.

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